Dodgers Rumors: MLB Domestic Violence Rulings Given Deadline

A cloud hangs over this coming MLB season and, really, sports on the whole. We’ve made athlete’s lives outside the playing lines a focus and, as a result, we’re learning that a percentage of these guys aren’t boy scouts. One major talking point this trend has created is domestic violence, and three players will play a vital role in how MLB handles these cases.

Jose Reyes, Aroldis Chapman and (most notably for Los Angeles Dodgers fans) Yasiel Puig are all under investigation for their separate cases, but we’re finally getting some kind of timetable for when we might get an outcome.

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This, via Ken Rosenthal:

Of the three cases, Puig’s seems to be the least violent and fairly easily. Reyes allegedly grabbed his wife by the throat in Maui and pushed her into the hotel’s sliding door. We know the gruesome details of Chapman’s case, but just for clarity, he allegedly got violent with his girlfriend and fired a gun eight times in his garage while she hid in the bushes.

Puig, on the other hand, separated his sister from her boyfriend as things got heated between those two and reacted poorly when security from the Miami club they were in confronted him.

I won’t speculate on what kind of suspension any of the three players might be facing, but it would be great to get some resolution on the issue, for everyone (players, their teams and, most importantly, their families) involved.

It’s also worth pointing out that the initial ruling brought down by MLB isn’t the end of each issue. Each player will obviously have the opportunity to appeal, which further extends the complete timetable for the formal outcome.

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