Dodgers Rumors: MLB Shuts Down Bubble Machine In Dugout

[new_royalslider id=”272″] On the way from 9.5 games back in the division to currently 2.5 games ahead in the National League West, the Los Angeles Dodgers began to have some fun in the dugout that seemed to correlate with winning or vice versa.

When the Dodgers get a big home run or a key play, a bubble machine has been saying spitting bubbles into the dugout as the players dance around. Dee Gordon broke down the origin of the “foam party” last week.

According to Ryan Walton of the Valley Bay News, the Dodgers may no longer be bubbly following big blasts:

One would wonder what could possibly be wrong with a bubble machine in the dugout and the details may be revealed later if the MLB is serious. Even Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully has caught on to the phenomenon, awaiting the bubbles in the dugout after every long ball.

Every team finds their own way of celebrating big moments and it seemed as if the Dodgers had found theirs, something completely different than any other team. The dugout hijinks may now have to come in other forms for the defending NL West champs. Earlier this season, the Dodgers were reprimanded by fire officials after performing a “hot foot” prank on outfielder Scott Van Slyke. Last season, the dugout became a circus during the 42-8 streak that even included a banana being fed to Juan Uribe.

Whether the bubbles are banned should not deter the Dodgers from repeating as division champions and heading into the postseason.

Dodgers Nation Interview: Dee Gordon Discusses The Dodgers Bubble Machine

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Vincent Samperio

Vince is currently the Associate Editor and Social Media Manager for Dodgers Nation. Hailing from San Pedro, CA and a student at Cal State Long Beach, Vince has previously written for the Daily 49er and LASF Magazine.


  1. Seriously the MLB has nothing better to do than take the fun out of the game. What does bubbles have to do to offend anything? Geez, I gave up watching baseball 20 years ago and only just started watching it again. If the MLB gets any more hard headed I may stop watching again. Finally some fun in baseball and they want to take it away.

    1. If you think a bubble machine brings fun to baseball, you are not a fan of the sport. It is a thinking persons sport, oh look a bubble weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      1. So you are saying that MLB players are not intelligent enough to ignore bubbles and focus on the game? They can withstand taunts and cheers but not bubbles?

      2. It brings the team together bro. Have you ever played sports? What you just said is ridiculous. I understand you defending baseball. But it’s not just a thinking man’s sport. It’s a game. That bubble machine does bring fun in that dugout, look at how close they are on and off the field. It’s the same as the Pirates starting their own “Yes” movement.

  2. Well I had no idea they were using it…..have not been able to watch a Dodger game this season thanks to Time Warner!

  3. Doesn’t MLB have better things to worry about than bubbles in the Dodger dugout? I mean, there has to be somebody out there corking his bat or taking PEDs they have yet to catch.

  4. I agree…The jersey tear off has become old and tired and the Gatorade blast is way too college football! Let the boys have their bubbles!

  5. Let them have fun, this is a game and the fellas should be allowed to celebrate in their own unique way as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. Stupid of the mlb to shut this down.

  6. Instead of fireworks after a homerun, just have bubbles spitting out of massive bubble machines.

  7. Come on MLB don’t turn into the NFL (No Fun League). It’s a bubble machine! It’s not popping out PEDs into the players mouths. Give me a break!

  8. It’s about time MLB took a stand against the Dodgers and their repeated disregard for safety and overall lack of concern for humanity as a whole. Big Brother Bud should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize for his courageous stand against such tyranny. Bubbles are dangerous! I know what you’re going to say, “Bubbles don’t hurt people, People hurt people”. Well save it! If you believe that bubbles are a safe way to celebrate something, then you are just as sick and twisted as the players in that dugout. Last year in America, 85% of all bubble related deaths and injury were as a result of excessive celebration and lack of proper safety measures being taken to ensure public safety. Honestly, do you really want your kids, or grandkids thinking its okay to play with bubbles without a permit. Thank you MLB. You have once again proven your worth.

    1. LMAO……LOVE IT!!!!! Best comment I have read in awhile. Thanks for making me laugh. ????????????????????

  9. I think I will bring my own bubbles and celebrate for my boys in blue. BYOB.. bring your own bubbles!! Lol.

  10. If MLB continues to ban the Dodger’s bubble machine, I suggest they turn to a low-tech solution–the ubiquitous bubble-bottles we all grew up with. One or two dips in the bottle will produce plenty of bubbles to fill the void. I can’t see how the league can object to that. And if they do, how about giving bubble bottles to the fans right in back of the dugout? Getting the fans involved like that can really make it an even bigger rallying point. Go Bubble Boys!

  11. Like someone said earlier, doesn’t the MLB have more important things to worry about than stupid bubbles? It’s just the big guys throwing their weight around! It’s good for the fans! It’s good for the players! But it’s not good for the big MLB! Phooey!

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