Dodgers Rumors: Padres ‘Most Likely’ To Trade For Matt Kemp

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (Dec. 9, 10:05 a.m.): It appears the trade talks between the two NL West teams continue to move forward.

[divide] Los Angeles Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman recently discussed the constant trade rumors the team is mentioned with and called them ‘comical.’ On the first day of Winter Meetings, trade rumors continued to be a storyline with Matt Kemp again at the center of them.

The Dodgers intend on trading at least one outfielder this offseason and based on level of interest, Kemp is who may be on the move. Though, the Dodgers did have a trade in place to send Andre Ethier to the Arizona Diamondbacks, which fell apart when Diamondbacks’ ownership refused to give final approval.

The San Diego Padres are among the teams who reportedly have discussed a trade for Kemp with the Dodgers and according to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, are a strong candidate to acquire him:

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports adds that while talks have been inconsistent, one executive believes the Padres are focused on Kemp:

Acquiring a catcher appears to be a point of focus for the Dodgers, who would’ve received Miguel Montero had the Ethier trade been approved. Grandal would give them an everyday starter with more offensive punch than A.J. Ellis, but it wouldn’t offset the production lost with Kemp no longer in the lineup.

Although Nightengale notes the Dodgers would receive Grandal and another player as part of a trade, the Padres don’t have anyone to offer as a replacement for Kemp — particularly from the right side of the plate.

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  1. Trade Kemp for a C who barely hits .230? For only 2 players? INSANE!!!! and totally stupid..If Freidman does that he alienates almost every Dodger fan out there…this is not close to being a good trade.

  2. i would do it in a second only if it meant SD is taking on the salary and the other player included is Cashner!

  3. it would be a stupid trade anyway we shouldn’t even think about trading kemp plus trading him to a team in the same division come on how ridiculous. plus getting only 2 players that cant hit there way out of a paper bag. id be shopping all outfielders except kemp puig and van slyke or even turner van slyke would be staring any where else.if you have to trade 2 to the same team as long as we get what we need like a catcher, bull pen help, or a decent set up man. then if we can give Kershaw that kind of money why cant we give it to one of the free agent starting pitchers. like lester,sherzer or shields.sstart using your head friedman.

    1. They should be shopping SVS. I think the Dodgers could potentially get a solid reliever in return.

  4. It’s ridiculous to even think of this trade. The dodgers would totally be on the wrong side of this trade. KEEP KEMP!!!!! Trade Crawford or ethier

  5. Just brutal. Of course we wont know until the opening day roster is set, but right now Freidman is not looking good. I keep hearing that Kemp is the only OF who has trade value. True. But does that mean we need to trade him? Unless he is a clubhouse cancer, why must we do this? Our offense was not that potent last year. And know we toss away two of our main offensive threats? I was afraid of this happening when boy genius was hired. His arrogance knows no bounds. But, its early. I hope!!!!

  6. Dodgers… Listen to the people.
    This season he’s going to hit 30 HRs, Bat 280 and knock in 93 runs.
    Without Ramirez, if we trade Kemp, Gonzo will be worked around all year.
    Puig is still learning and will not be able to protect Gonzo.

    1. Totally agree. If he is a Dodger, his stats should be right there. Of course, I can see it coming. If Kemp is at Petco, then his numbers wont be great. Then we will hear how great the trade was. lol

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