Dodgers Rumors: Patience With Juan Uribe Decision Running Thin

Juan UribeOne of the biggest areas along the Los Angeles Dodgers roster that needs resolution is third base. Free agent Juan Uribe has been identified as the person the Dodgers would like to retain, but talks started far apart before the gap has been closed.

GM Ned Colletti said over the weekend he was waiting to hear back from Uribe’s camp about their latest offer as internal options don’t seem as strong at third base. Things aren’t progressing as the Dodgers would like and according to Mark Saxson of ESPNLA.com, they’re prepared to walk away from the 34-year-old:

There were reports that Uribe was seeking a three-year deal earlier in the off-season, but it doesn’t sound like he’s sticking to that stance. After signing a multi-year deal with the Dodgers in 2011, Uribe underwhelmed during his first two years in LA before finally showing up in 2013.

Last night, David Vassegh of AM 570 Radio reported that the Chicago White Sox were interested in bringing Uribe back into the fold.

He hit .278 with 12 home runs and 50 RBI after he outperformed third baseman Luis Cruz early in the season and has seemingly regained his value somewhat on the open market. If Uribe doesn’t re-sign, there were rumblings that the Dodgers might slide Hanley Ramirez over to third base, but Colletti said this morning that there aren’t any plans to do that right now.

Clarity on the Dodgers third base position should come during this week as it’s clear that management isn’t willing to wait much longer for Uribe’s decision.


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