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Yasiel Puig has been the frontman in trade conversations for this entire season. The right fielder did not help his case at the beginning of the season due to his poor offensive production. Yasiel Puig hit .250 in April, .229 in May, and .233 in June with a mere 6 home runs in those first 3 months. However, since coming off of the disabled list in late June, Puig’s numbers have been reminiscent of his past self.

In the month of July so far, Yasiel Puig has a .273 AVG and a .411 OBP. His Power numbers are still not there having only hit 1 home run, but he is showing signs of becoming the threat in the lineup that he once was. Unfortunately, these numbers are not enough to keep his name out of the trade headlines.

[graphiq id=”74IsgOyJWUR” title=”Yasiel Puig 2016 Batting Splits by Month” width=”640″ height=”494″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/74IsgOyJWUR” link=”http://baseball-players.pointafter.com/l/13252/Yasiel-Puig” link_text=”Yasiel Puig 2016 Batting Splits by Month | PointAfter” ] Vin Scully’s Top Stories of the 2016 Season So Far: Part 1 of 2

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Dodgers should continue to look for a strong outfielder, bringing up names like Jay Bruce and Josh Reddick. He argues that the Dodgers should not look at Puig’s, who he refers to as Player Y, recent surge as a reason to keep him, but rather reason for another team to want him.

Fox Sports: Ken Rosenthal

Would it make sense for Player Y’s team to look for a better hitter at his position and more proficient outfielders in general? Of course it would. Which is why Player Y’s team, at the very least, is open to trading him, according to major-league sources.

His defense this season is above-average. His personality seemingly is less of an issue than in the past. He even is hitting better since coming off the disabled list, producing an .831 OPS in 89 plate appearances. But for the season, Puig still has only a .700 OPS, still only seven home runs.

Of the outfielders known to be available in trade, the Reds’ Jay Bruce or Athletics’ Josh Reddick appear the most logical fits…

Rosenthal has a fairly good case being that Puig’s numbers are not what they once have been. Now the question is should the Dodgers gamble and hope that he is coming out of his slump that lasted the entire first half? The other option would be that they trade the 25-year-old for a bat that can produce some power in the lineup. Bruce and Reddick, both mentioned by Rosenthal, have had very successful seasons so far and would definitely fill the Dodgers’ need for muscle.

[graphiq id=”lqEqWJbZrBr” title=”Jay Bruce Career Home Runs and RBI” width=”600″ height=”523″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/lqEqWJbZrBr” link=”http://baseball-players.pointafter.com/l/1971/Jay-Bruce” link_text=”Jay Bruce Career Home Runs and RBI | PointAfter” ] What Really Separates Dave Roberts from Don Mattingly? [graphiq id=”agFf712yUtf” title=”Josh Reddick 2016 Batting Splits by Month” width=”640″ height=”523″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/agFf712yUtf” link=”http://baseball-players.pointafter.com/l/13502/Josh-Reddick” link_text=”Josh Reddick 2016 Batting Splits by Month | PointAfter” ]

We will wait and see what the front office decides to do with Puig; however, it is clear that this could be a make or break decision for the Dodgers post season chances. If they don’t decide to trade Puig and he goes back into his slump, it will greatly affect the lineup and thus the playoff race. On the other hand, if they do trade Puig and the outfielder they get does not meet expectations, it could be a waste of a great investment in Yasiel Puig.

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  1. I would not trade for Josh Reddick or Jay Bruce straight up for Puig.  While he has a better RISP and 2-out RISP BA than Puig, Bruce has a sub-Mendoza line for the last 4 years at Dodger Stadium.  He is also 4 years older and far worse defender.  Reddick also has a better RISP and 2-out RISP BA than Puig, but he is a rental who is 4 years older, and outside of two years does not show power.  If the A’s want to talk Khris Davis, I think I would listen. 

    I have no objection to trading Puig, but it has to make sense.  He is just entering his most productive years age-wise, and has shown an ability to be a huge offensive asset.  Does he still make stupid plays…sure.  Does he falter in clutch situations…yes.  While his 2-out RISP BA is ugly, his RISP BA is 2nd on LA just behind Justin Turner. He is 25 with an abundance of talent.  I agree that talent alone should not be a reason to keep a player, and that one needs to produce.  But what is the difference of trading a 25 year old with 3+ years ML experience and a high level 22-25 year old AAA player with no ML experience?  Is Joey Gallo better than Puig?  No one knows because Gallo has not done it. But most assume that he will be better.

    Trade Puig…sure.  But you better get a solid return.

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