Dodgers Rumors: Team in Trade Talks for Rays Pitcher

With news dropping today that the reportedly agreed-upon deal with Hisashi Iwakuma is on hold (at least), the Dodgers are now again moving onto plan B.

Anyone else noticing a trend?

In this case, as the free agent market continues to dry up around them, Andrew Friedman is calling his former employer about a starting pitcher.

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This, via CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman:

Odorizzi obviously isn’t Chris Archer, but is probably exponentially more attainable right now.

It’s also worth noting that the deal with Iwakuma isn’t dead, so we can’t say for sure whether this is a response to the contractual snag with Iwakuma or if the negotiations have been going on separately from any other deal the Dodgers have been working on.

What we can say is that Odorizzi would be a good get for the Dodgers.

He’ll be 26 years old next season and is coming off of a season where he went 9-9 with a 3.61 ERA and a WHIP of 1.152. There’s still room for growth at his age and the ERA/record – WHIP difference can lead one to believe he was slightly unlikely last season.

As of right now, it’s yet unknown who all might be included in any package going to Tampa Bay.

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