Dodgers Rumors: Team Still in Talks With Miami

As we’re finding out this offseason, the price whether trading for or signing elite starting pitchers is ridiculous, and only appears to be going up for teams looking to acquiring help there via trade.

Case in point: The Miami Marlins’ Jose Fernandez, who comes with question marks, but would be a highly welcomed addition to any rotation.

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Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports the Dodgers haven’t given up hope of landing Fernandez for the right price, though.

The Dodgers are staying in touch with the Marlins on Jose Fernandez, but it remains difficult to imagine the teams matching up on a trade unless Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria decides he wants Fernandez gone.

The Braves’ big return for Shelby Miller only heightened the Marlins’ expectations for a Fernandez deal, sources say — and the Marlins had high expectations from the start.

Adding to the degree of difficulty: The question of how many innings Fernandez will pitch in 2016 and beyond.

“Makes it hard to price it correctly for both sides,” one source with knowledge of the talks says.

Gauging Fernandez’s value is difficult because he hasn’t been healthy recently, but at his age and with the years of control the Dodgers would theoretically have him at, the top of the rotation would be the best in baseball for the foreseeable future.

For Miami, agent Scott Boras is notoriously tough to negotiate with and owner Loria is just as notoriously cheap. So, as Fernandez nears free agency, his value could decline. But, as he compiles innings in the act of nearing free agency, his value should go up.

If this all sounds inordinately confusing, it’s because it is.

Regardless, while the trade talks are incredibly complicated it does feel noteworthy the Dodgers still feel compelled to continue trying. It would be nice to know how far apart the sides actually are, though.

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  1. Not worth the price they would pay, both now and in the future….why any team would get a player represented by Scott Boras is baffling…the guy is way too hard to negotiate with

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