Dodgers Rumors: Twins, Dodgers Trying to Build Trade Around Jose De Leon?

In a report that contradicts recent rumors, the Brian Dozier trade is being prolonged by the Dodgers and Twins’ inability to agree to pieces additional to Jose De Leon.

It was previously said the Dodgers were struggling with including De Leon. But Aaron Gleeman of Baseball Prospectus, who is based in Minnesota, tweets his sources tell him the delay is relative to who will join De Leon in the Twin Cities.

As with any substantial trade, misleading information will be leaked from both parties. Perhaps the Dodgers decided to include De Leon after all. The only thing certain is there’s interest from both sides in getting a Dozier deal done.

How does Brian Dozier fit? Brandon Knudsen explains.

Any assertion the Dodgers would acquire Dozier without including De Leon was wishful thinking on L.A.’s part. The Twins have a need for young pitching to complement their core bats. As Gleeman acknowledged, De Leon would likely be the best prospect in their system.

“MLB-ready” is important here. If Minnesota is looking for talent ready to play, the Dodgers have a surplus. It was reported the Twins like Brock Stewart. A package featuring De Leon and Stewart gives the Twins two immediate starters who will almost certainly improve. Minnesota probably wants an additional piece, however, as Stewart’s ceiling is a mid-rotation arm.

[graphiq id=”1FGHpI7b8Md” title=”Brian Dozier Career Home Runs and RBI” width=”600″ height=”552″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/1FGHpI7b8Md” ]

Los Angeles is searching for a right-handed second baseman. Dozier is the most commonly mentioned target, in addition to Ian Kinsler and Logan Forsythe. The Dodgers kept their own players, but they’re currently banking on internal development to reach the World Series. Adding a bat such as Dozier would fortify the lineup.

As the Dodgers strive for improvement, one NL West foe is preparing to duel L.A. and San Francisco for division superiority.

Gabe Burns

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  1. I think DeLeon plus others will be too costly for LA. LA will settle for resigning Utley to one year and pair him with Kike and others until come allstar break. At that time they will evaluate and consider trading for players where needed.

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