Dodgers Rumors: L.A. “Favorite” for Brian Dozier?

Another day, another mention of Brian Dozier to Hollywood.

The San Francisco Giants “like” Dozier, per Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, but the Dodgers are the “favorite” to land the Minnesota Twins’ second baseman.

San Francisco is seeking offensive upgrades after patching its porous bullpen with Mark Melancon. The Giants lack upper-tier prospects, however, complicating deals for more valuable players. With the Dodgers’ system’s depth, it has the means to easily outbid San Francisco if needed.

The Giants are the first real competition for Dozier specifically named, but even then they’re a long-shot. Heyman said “multiple teams have been sniffing around” on Dozier, but again adds Los Angeles is the most probable destination.

The Jose De Leon-plus package is one we’ve heard over the last several days. The “plus” could be deal-breaking if Minnesota is requesting another upside arm such as Yadier Alvarez. The Dodgers may be willing to part with De Leon, but they’ve frequently stated their affinity for their youth surplus. L.A. refused to milk their farm for Cole Hamels, David Price and Chris Sale; it is unlikely to add Dozier via consensus overpay.

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It’s possible the Twins leaked the Giants’ interest to pressure the Dodgers to up the ante, a method we recently may have seen the White Sox execute on Washington. Interest outside L.A. has either been minimally reported or minimally exists. If Minnesota is committed to moving Dozier with an eye on De Leon, it’s logical to spread other teams’ supposed interest.

Would a Brian Dozier deal displace Willie Calhoun? He’s working to stay a part of the Dodgers’ future.

Gabe Burns

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  1. Trading for Dozier is close to impossible.  The Twins want to rebuild, but unlike other rebuilding teams, they only have one player (Dozier) who is attractive to other teams.  Therefore, they are looking to rebuild a large part of their farm system on the back of a  Dozier trade.  The Dodgers would be smart to move on.

  2. GeorgeInnes
    I concur, as they want quite a haul for Dozier as we have heard.

  3. At this point I am in agreement.  Dozier is becoming more and more expensive with each passing day and week.  We need to cut bait and move onto the next option which is Logan Forsythe.  Kinsler looked like the best option at first, but when the no-trade clause revealed the Dodgers on there, and also that he’d want an extension to ok a trade to us, I said, move on.  Now that the Twins appear to be wanted JDL plus potentially other high upside arms, move on guys.  Forsythe will cost us a lot less than that.

  4. yarritsblake
    It’s what I am suggesting now as well.  Move on to the Rays cause Forsythe won’t cost as much.

  5. pauldodgerfan1965 yarritsblake Not even close.  Worst case scenario, do a soft-platoon with Forsythe and Utley.  I’m sure Forsythe won’t cost us anything more than either two to three second-tier prospects, or maybe one top 10 plus one second tier prospect.  If not, just roll with Utley.  It may not be ideal, but Utley still posted a solid WAR last year at 2.0 – he provided good defense, and just barely below league average offense.

  6. The Dodgers have options for second base that don’t include sending multiple top prospects to the Twins for Dozier.  At worst, they could bring back Utley and form a leftie/rightie platoon with him and Hernandez.  The Dodgers also have two very good second base prospects in Willie Calhoun and Micah Johnson.  Whether Calhoun or Johnson are ready to debut in 2017 is still uncertain, but it’s not like the Dodgers desperately need Dozier because they have no second base prospects.

  7. GeorgeInnes One note that man: Johnson’s prospect star has faded a lot in the last two years.  Fortunately for him, he still has time to rediscover his hit tool and put his plus speed to good use again.  But as it stands right now, he is nothing more than 40 man roster depth.

  8. yarritsblake pauldodgerfan1965
    Only issue with Utley is he is another LHB and Dodgers must balance out the lineup.  And a platoon on a regular basis is not ideal either.

  9. dodgers882017 GeorgeInnes
    Big question with Barnes is whether he can hit enough to stay here in MLB.

  10. dodgers882017 GeorgeInnes Barnes may play 2B as well, but unless they plan on carrying Kyle Farmer on the 25 man roster in addition to Barnes, I doubt they will start him as a regular at 2B as they need him more to back up Grandal at catcher.

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