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Dodgers Rumors: Twins Place High Price Tag on Brian Dozier

One of the Dodgers current holes is at second base, especially after recently trading Howie Kendrick. Many possible replacements have circulated, but one that continues to resurface as the best fit is Brian Dozier. Unfortunately, the price might be just a little too high.

On Friday, Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press tweeted out that the Twins recognize Dozier’s value and will “have to be wowed” to let him go.

Anthony Castrovince of wrote a column on hypothetical trades that could help both teams involved, and Brian Dozier heading to the Dodgers was one of them.

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In exchange, Castrovince believes that pitchers Jose De Leon, Yadier Alvarez and Jordan Sheffield should suffice; however, he notes that replacing one of the pitchers with Willie Calhoun or Yusniel Diaz might be better.

Though the price for Dozier might be high, the value he can bring to the team is undeniable and the Dodgers have a deep enough farm system to make a deal. Hopefully the Dodgers are able to work out a deal with the Twins that doesn’t involve giving up too much for the 29 year-old second baseman.

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  1. If the Dodger FO is willing to give up this level of talent for Dozier, I’d rather they trade for a starting pitcher like Chris Sale or Chris Archer instead.

  2. I completely understand that “Prospects” are just that….However I believe they will either sign Utley and perhaps platoon him with many of the good looking second basemen/utility men we have in Kike, Taylor, Culberson and possibly give Calhoun a try as he has power….Plus we also still have Micah Johnson I believe.

    Trading those prospects for a second baseman is crazy. I wold trade that type of talent for a Sale or another top of the line starter….But not a second baseman a position that we can fill in-house.
    Pitching was our issue last year…Everything else worked out.
    We have Kershaw, Maeda, Kazmir, McCarthy, Wood and possibly Ryu along with Urias, Stripling, Stewart, DeLeon and possibly DeChong and Oaks. Pretty sure we can deal a couple of guys to get a Sales or someone of that category. 
    Cleveland may be willing to trade as they seem to have a surplus of quality arms.

  3. If we can’t wrap him up for at least 3+ years then there is no way he is worth all those prospects.

  4. Dodgers55 Yes but do you really want to spend that much on a second baseman? A position we have Calhoun, Johnson, Hernandez, Taylor and Culberson can fill? 
    I know we have lots of pitchers but I would rather spend prospects on a pitcher. 
    But i bet they sign Turner and a closer, maybe Jansen and then do small deals nothing too big. That has been their MO and I do not believe they will change/ All the talk about big contracted guys I think is writer hype with NO truth or substance…I really like the club with Toles leading off……ANd Thompson may give us some great right handed power.

  5. If Bellinger is asked for in that supposed deal for Dozier I say NO WAY IN H………

  6. KingmanofLodi Yes I Really like Cody not sure about his batting against Lefties…..Calhoun is also a Lefty as is Verdugo. Dickson who hit really well for OK is a righty…
    Thompson I hope is given a chance. I think Turner will hit lefties better next year.. He has not always had issues with them. And was returning from a serious Micro-Fracture Knee surgery.

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