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Dodgers: Russell Martin, Justin Turner Lead Veteran Power Surge

On Monday night at Dodger Stadium, the spotlight was on the rookie Gavin Lux making his debut — and setting a record in the process. The offense exploded for 16 runs and easily took down the Rockies. Now on Tuesday night, it was a bit of a different story.

Los Angeles was held scoreless into the 7th inning when veteran backstop Russell Martin let the muscle out for a go-ahead 3-run shot. David Freese followed with a back-to-back effort that gave the Dodgers the 4-2 advantage.

As Labor Day was only a day before, social media took to using the refrain of “Veteran’s Day” for Martin and Freese. To help add to the narrative, Justin Turner chipped in a towering solo shot of his own before Kenley Jansen recorded his 28th save of the season (even if it was a bit of a high-wire act).

The full veteran experience.

After the game, NBC LA reporter Michael Duarte caught up with Russell Martin about the balanced attack of veterans and younger players on the Dodgers.

I think that baseball doesn’t discriminate age. You can be a good player and be young, and you can be a good player and a little bit older — and this team fortunately has both.

Both young and older quality players the team has indeed. It was 2-day veteran Gavin Lux who collected the first hit of the night for the club, and 11 season veteran Davin Freese who added the 2nd home run. Moreover, Justin Turner connected on his 27th home run of the season, tying his career high with 21 games to play.

Turner caught up with media after the game about the offensive output from “the old guys.”

I think we’re gonna go to Denny’s after this and get on the ’55 and over’ menu — order some Grand Slams…

Joking aside, the 8th inning shot continued a second half power surge for the 34 year-old third baseman. It was his 17th home run in 46 second half games.

With the win, Los Angeles moved to 91-50 on the season, tops in the National League, and half a game behind the New York Yankees for the best record in baseball. Their magic number sits at 5.

Clint Pasillas

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  1. It’s nice that we are winning but, you have to score without the HR all the time. In the playoffs their are not a lot of HRS hit. Maybe this year will be different but, in the past no. Score other ways! Just saying!

    1. Howard32, I was just going to add the same comment here. Dodgers will not be able to hit these HR’s in October that they are now because the pitching will be so much better. if they cannot score other than the HR, we will be toast after the 1st round of playoffs, it’s as simple as that.

      1. Hi Paul……This current Dodger team is vulnerable to starting pitching that can dominate. Chi Chi Gonzalez is not what I would call a BIG time starter but we made him look like one. All season long this Dodger squad has feasted on relievers coming out of the bullpen, they eat them for lunch. That is where the homers really come into play. But starters who can dominate, we don’t have that one figured out yet. So I guess as long as we avoid the Astros and Nationals in the playoffs, we have a pretty good chance of having a nice post season roll. But if we have to play against teams that do not need to use their bullpens to win, then Howard’s death and doom prediction could become our reality.

  2. Now feeding this old guys theme………

    “This is home for me, too, and I always get a little bit amped up when I come home. Sometimes it helps me and sometimes it hurts me when I get a little too amped up. I love it. I love playing here.” ………..this is major league super star talking about playing in Dodger Stadium.

    Now lets face it……..just anyone talking about the Dodgers is one thing………teams also get amped up to beat the Dodgers, that’s another………but the guy who this quote was attributed to?

    Nolan Arenado………..just imagine Arenado and Bellinger together in Dodger blue! WOW!
    Too bad he did not tell the Dodgers this little factoid before he re-upped with Colorado this off season.

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