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Dodgers: Russell Martin Talks About Return To Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Dodgers completed their catching tandem on Friday, trading for veteran Russell Martin. Furthermore, the trade marks a homecoming of sorts for the veteran back-stop. Martin will share the workload with Austin Barnes in hopes of getting the Dodgers back to their third consecutive World Series appearance.

Martin spoke to David Vassegh of AM570 about what the return to Los Angeles means to him.

After listening to the interview at the link, Martin sounds happy to be out of Canada and back in Southern California.

It feels almost like a dream. LA felt like home and people are saying “hey, you are coming back home” and it really does feel like that because it is funny I’m from Canada and I was playing for the Blue Jays.

Moreover, Russell is coming off a 2018 in which he hit just .194 with a .338 on-base percentage. Because of this, Martin will have his fair share of doubters. These are folks who believe his best days are behind him.

Proving people wrong is definitely motivation. If they are just looking at the numbers, they might not even be happy with this move. Obviously I want to have a better statistical season there’s no question about it and I am doing everything possible in my control as far as being in the cage, taking swings, getting my body ready, getting in shape. When it comes to baseball, winning, and getting your best out of your pitching staff and getting the best out of your teammates and yourself, there’s some intangibles there you can’t measure.

Equally important will be the veteran leadership Martin brings to a culture already acclimated to winning. Martin appeared in the postseason with every team he was a member of since leaving Los Angeles.

Dodgers Trade For Russell Martin

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  1. I think this was a terrific acquisition on many levels. Martin remains a top flight defensive catcher, is considered to be a great guy in the clubhouse, and great at game planning with pitchers. Whatever Dodgers get offensively will be a plus and I believe he will be ML average offensively (for a catcher). Then there is the fact that Dodgers have saved around $8MM from last year’s catchers payroll, AND the team still has both Smith and Ruiz.

  2. I guess some people have forgotten WHY the Dodgers let Martin go in the first place. He had a great first year. Then all his offensive numbers started to decline…even his defensive skills behind the plate. Word being used at the time was “lazy’. And now we got him back and he didn’t even hit his weight last year ? What did we get ? Another catcher that can’t hit !!! How is that good for the team behind the plate ?

    1. Love to know your source for this information. Martin suffered a severe hip injury towards the end of the 2010 season resulting in surgery to repair a torn labrum. Dodgers offered Martin a contract for 20% cut in pay with incentives that would have paid him more than 2010 BUT was not guaranteed — basically Martin would have to earn a roster spot in Spring Training or be released. And if he did not accept that contract offer he would be non-tendered. Yankees offered a guaranteed contract even though it not only knew about the hip surgery, but also knee surgery, which he signed.

  3. I am OK with this bringing martin back and a plus, in addition to still have both Ruiz and Smith is that he bats RH. Now that still means Dodgers must pursue a RH bat for middle of lineup. Chances are also Martin will be better defensively and is familiar with CK.

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