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Dodgers: Ryu to the IL, Chargois Recalled

The Dodgers finally announced the move for Hyun-jin Ryu to the Injured List the day after exiting his start in St Louis. Ryu went down with a groin strain and will be placed on the injured list to undergo further evaluation. In his place, the Dodgers called up some relief help.

With JT Chargois coming up instead of starting pitching help, it certainly would appear that Julio Urias will stay in the rotation until Clayton Kershaw is healthy. That would then leave the door open for Ross Stripling to get the majority of starts until Rich Hill returns from his injury.
Chargois was effective at times with Los Angeles last season, with an impressive second-half showing. In that time, Chargois tossed twelve innings and allowed two runs for a 1.50 ERA and a very low 0.917 WHIP. He also struck out batters at a lower rate of eight per nine innings, but his control was much better.
JT will slide into a bullpen that has struggled mightily over the first few games of the season, Joe Kelly, in particular, has been a struggle early on. He alone has allowed nine earned runs over six innings.


  1. I’m a cynic, great reject Chargois, couldn’t make the team out of spring training. I’m predicting the first relief appearance he makes, he will walk at 2 batters.

    1. Robin, along with the staus of the SP’s and the relievers, last night the Dodgers faced much better pitching than what they saw in Denver, and from what they saw at home against AZ. And the results reminded me last night of how they fared throughout 2018.

      1. Don’t forget the difference in altitude between Denver and St.Louis. I’m surprised the Colorado bats(Arenado,Story,Blackmon,Dahl-got hurt) didn’t do more damage to the Dodgers pitching. I know Daniel Murphy who has hurt the Dodgers in the past w/Washington is on the IL. On MLB network, the Rockies announcers( were saying how the Rockies needed to wake-up and take advantage of the shaky Dodgers relievers.

  2. Goldie hits us like he owns us. I would rather have seen Gonsolin brought up that Chargois. I realize we have depth, but I would like an honest assessment of that depth. What is their quality? As Robin stated, Chargois was not with the big team when ST ended.. Go Blue!!

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