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Dodgers: Sandy Koufax Statue Announced for Dodger Stadium Ahead of 2020 Season

Sandy Koufax will be receiving a statue outside Chavez Ravine as part of the new renovations ahead of the 2020 All-Star Game that will be hosted in Los Angeles next season.

Both Sandy and the existing Jackie Robinson statue, which will be moved from it’s current home on the Reserved level, will now be set to act as a welcoming “front door” to Dodger Stadium beyond the center field gates. Something the stadium has been missing through its first 57 seasons in operation.

Dodger stadium is currently the third oldest stadium in all of baseball, but it is set to become one of the most modern experiences in the game ahead of hosting the 2020 All-Star Game.

Koufax, one of the best pitchers and arguably the best southpaw in the history of Major League Baseball, is more than deserving of this honor and it is cool to see the Dodgers making him such a key component of the new renovations.

#32 remains active in the Dodgers organization and will have a statue next to the late great Jackie Robinson.

Koufax is a Hall of Famer and held a career 2.76 ERA through 12 seasons for the Dodgers from 1955 to 1966. He was a key component of the 1955 and 1963 World Series champion teams.

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  1. The next statue should be Vin Scully. I think it’s well deserved and the organization should do it soon while Vinny is still with us.

    1. I totally agree with you, Patrick. I like honoring people while they are still alive and can enjoy their special moment. Newcombe, Fernando, Gilliam, the Duke of Flatbush : if we honor all of our heroes in statues, we might need a separate stadium just for our great heroes. Go Blue!!!

  2. The 1965 championship team where the threw 3 games in 8 days with the 7th game on 2 days rest should be added.

    1. I agree. Not only did he pitch 3 games in 8 days, but the last 2 were complete game shutouts! Game 7 was a complete game shutout on 2 days rest and 1 pitch. He only had his fastball that day. He pitched 360 innings that year 1965. Now we hear Beuhler setting a lofty goal to pitch 200 innings this year. Wow!!! Every time Sandy comes around, those upstarts ought to bow their heads. It’s fitting that they would erect a statue for the greatest left- hander of all times.

  3. Maury Wills, Don Drysdale, Duke Snyder, Tommy Davis, Ron Ce, Jim Gilliam, Carl Furillo

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