Dodgers: Secret to Gavin Lux’s Great Start, Projecting His 2021 Season

We’re just three games into the 2021 season, and Dodgers young star second baseman Gavin Lux looks far a different player than he was in 2020. We break down Gavin Lux’s impressive start to the season and discuss the adjustments he made after a disappointing 2020 season.

Plus, we project Gavin Lux’s 2021 season and if he’ll make the All-start team this year!


He’s doing it all from the bottom of the lineup and he’s even done it at the top. .385 batting average, 1.121 OPS, 2 triples… this is the guy that we hoped we were getting in 2019! A mini question is, can we put any of this on the Coors Field effect? Well, the way you hear Gavin and even Dave Roberts talk about the second baseman’s offseason, chances are that it’s more because of the work he put it over the winter.

How do you think Lux will fare over his first full season in the bigs? Drop your predictions below!


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Lux going to be good…very good speed…280 hitter…17 hrs…projection this year…very talented

  2. And, today he played SS. Didn’t get to see him play, so please comment on his defense.

    If it was good, and he does again and again, they won’t pay Seager #340 mil….

    1. looked like a real SS on the field. hopefully Corey agrees to move to third base next season, and sign a big deal with the Dodgers

  3. Lux made a sparkling play at shortstop today. And he made the routine plays as well. I agree that if he has a solid year offensively; they will not resign Seager. He is faster than Corey and would be a tick better defensively. I think Gavin has a ceiling maybe a bit lower than Corey offensively; but he would make up for it with defense.

  4. Lux is a perennial allstar player…I see the writing on the wall the Dodgers are going to make a low offer to Seager…problem is Lux is a Allstar. Seager is a future Hall of Famer…Lux (280) Seager a once in a lifetime short stop (320)

  5. Cory, that’s how a good short stop fields his position, smooth glove work, great range and Gavin has strong accurate arm. Try emulating that, it will make you better and would be a dramatic improvement.

    1. yessir!! Corey’s serviceable SS in the field. He’s got to see Gavin pressuring him for 2022 at SS. Dodgers have got to get him to move to 3rd next year!

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