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Dodgers Social Media Team Recognized for Being Among the Best in MLB

The Dodgers stay winning. All across the organization, it seems like they’re being recognized for what they can do. That includes the fire content that they put out on social media on a near hourly basis. 

The Dodgers’ social media team was just recognized by The Sports Business Journal for being among the leaders in MLB. The social media team generated the top engagement and social value via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Per the Journal, the Dodgers posts generated more impressions than any MLB team on Twitter and Instagram. Their engagement rate is what really stands out though, as that is not influenced by follower count.

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With them being the Dodgers, their follower count is understandably high. And without that incredible team over on social media headlined by the legendary Sue Jo, we wouldn’t have seen that video of JT Facetiming all of his teammates.

So from all of us at Dodgers Nation to you, congratulations and thank you for all that you do!

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