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Dodgers Set Another Franchise Record In Opening Arizona Series

The Los Angeles Dodgers are making a ton of franchise history early in 2019.

First, it was the Opening Day slugfest eight homers to set a record. Then, it was the longest home game of the regular season in franchise history on Friday evening. Now the Dodgers have another new franchise record. During Sunday’s game, the Dodgers broke the team’s mark of runs scored in a four-game series. In fact, they blew it completely away.

Indeed, the record was set when Cody Bellinger shipped another ball into the right field pavilion.

Equally important, the Dodgers put the number out of reach by adding four more runs on the day. Los Angeles finished with 42 runs scored in the series in Arizona after winning the game 8-7.

Certainly – the neat thing is that it wasn’t just the long ball that the Dodgers proved could hurt the opposition. While there was no short order of home runs, the Dodgers showed the look of a team that can really hurt you up and down the lineup in series one. This allows the team to set the tone, remain confident, and know they’re a good offensive ball club as they begin the season.

Furthermore, let’s remember it was the Diamondbacks. However in the big leagues, it still comes down to how well you’re executing. Those guys on the other side – no matter the jersey they wear – are qualified professionals. No one should discredit what the Dodgers did in setting a franchise record simply because it was against a Dbacks pitching staff that will struggle all year.

What did you think of the Dodgers offensive (and record-setting) offensive explosion in series one? Do you think the team will continue to be an offensive force all season long? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Dodgers can have all the offense they want but if the pitching, which gave up 8 HR’s themselves and 22 runs in the 4 games, might be a concern. Yeah it was against the Dbacks. But against teams with better pitching that kind of pitching won’t cut it. Dodgers cannot expect to hit HR’s every single game nor score 8 or more runs every game so unless the pitching corrects itself, it will be a long year folks.

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