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Dodgers Set to Pay a Record High Luxury Tax For 2022

We all know that the Dodgers always have one of the highest payrolls. As soon as the new ownership group took over, they promised that they would keep their team competitive every single season. And sometimes, that means shelling out the money to keep guys around as well as attracting free agents to Los Angeles. 

This year, the Dodgers started the season with a ridiculous payroll. It was at just over $310 million before the decision was made by MLB to suspend Trevor Bauer. And according to the Associated Press, the team is set to pay BIG time for that figure. 

They reported today that the Dodgers are going to owe a whopping $47 million towards the luxury tax for MLB. They became the only team to pass the fourth threshold, often referred to as the Cohen Tax around baseball. That came after the signing of Freddie Freeman and reaching a deal with Trea Turner for the 2022 season. 

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The Dodgers payroll will drop by $28 million should an arbitrator refuse to side with Trevor Bauer in his appeal. That would change things up pretty dramatically, and would actually put them behind the Mets as the highest payroll in baseball. That appeal is obviously still pending and could be all season. 

But they’re going to pay a hefty tax regardless of what happens. That’s the cost of doing business for the Dodgers, and they’re not afraid to spend. What a team to root for. 

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