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Dodgers: Sheldon Neuse Has Big Plans For His First Home Run Ball

No matter how great of a career that a big leaguer has, they’ll always remember their first home run. Dodgers infielder will certainly remember his as it came in a big moment against the Padres on Thursday night. 

Neuse followed up a solo shot from AJ Pollock with one of his own deep into left to tie the ballgames. It was the first of his career and the first hit he had with the Dodgers. Some guys aren’t lucky enough to get their first home run ball back, but Neuse did. 

When I asked him what he plans to do with the ball, Neuse gave us all of the feels. 

I’m actually going to give it to my dad. That and the lineup card. I’ve got the first-hit ball. But I’m going to give the homer to my dad and let him put it in his game room.

So Neuse’s first longball will go to papa Neuse. Hopefully, he has many more with the Dodgers for years to come and gets to add a World Series ring to his collection as well. No word yet on what they had to trade the fan that ended up with his ball.

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