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Dodgers: Justin Turner Has Some Good Ideas On Who Would Play Him in a Movie

Someday there will be a move about the Dodgers Justin Turner. How could there not be? His story is one that is so incredible for Major League Baseball and continues to be the more his legend status grows in Los Angeles. 

So when Chris Rose asked him who would play him in a move, JT was ready with an answer. Dodgers fans have made their own comparisons over the years, most notably Tormund Giantsbane from the popular HBO Series Game of Thrones. 

But for JT, there is one redhead that could pull it off. 

I’m gonna go funny on this at my own expense. Sherminator from American Pie. I’m not gonna take credit for this, this is actually a nickname that P.J. Pilittere gave me back in college. We were going back and forth at Cal State Fullerton on the bus, exchanging some name-calling. And he dropped the Sherminator on me and it was over, there’s no comeback. 

The actor that JT is referring to is Chris Owen. It’s difficult to say there are many similarities between the two, but the red hair makes it slightly more believable. Maybe he can play a very young Justin Turner if there is ever a movie about the Dodgers star.

Earlier in the conversation with Chris Rose, the veteran third baseman mentioned that he gets “some tough, tough Justin Turner lookalikes,” so maybe the Sherminator is a solid way to get away from even less flattering options.

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