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Dodgers Shift Front Office, John Green Promoted to Global Cross-Checker

The Dodgers made a minor change to their front office construction recently and have promoted John Green from national cross-checker to global cross-checker, according to JP Hoornstra of the Southern California News Group.

Green has been a member of the Dodgers’ front office since 2008, spending eleven seasons with the Dodgers in his prior role.

A cross-checker’s true responsibilities are somewhat vague, but they are considered to be somewhat of an organization spark plug. According to Baseball Reference, this is the definition of the position:

A crosschecker is a type of scout whose main function is to provide a second opinion on the reports filed by primarily-level scouts on players. Crosscheckers can be assigned a regional territory or work at the national level. Typically, crosscheckers will concentrate on seeing potential early-round prospects for the amateur draft or player which may be targeted in a trade, to ensure that reports an organization has on them match their own evaluation.

Long story short, the crosschecker plays a truly vital role within the organization of a major league club. Because of Green’s prior expertise as a national crosschecker, he should be fantastic in his dealings as a combined USA and Latin American baseball crosschecker.

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