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Dodgers Shortstop Prospect Has Historic Performance in Triple-A

Los Angeles Dodgers prospect Trey Sweeney had a career night for Triple-A Oklahoma City on Wednesday, finishing with four hits and five runs batted while leading the team to a 6-1 win over Albuquerque. His game began with an inside-the-park home run followed up with two more home runs for his first multi-homer game in his professional career. When asked after the game if he had a hit an inside-the-park before, he had to go all the way back to his early days in Little League.

“Yeah, it’s been a long time since I hit one of those,” Sweeney said. “I figured I worked so hard to get the first one that I’d just go the easier route for the next two.”

In his first at-bat, Sweeney hit a 409-foot drive off the center field wall that bounced into right field, allowing Sweeney to race around the bases without a throw. He explained the hit after the game.

“When I first hit it, I knew I got a hold of it good,” Sweeney said. “But I also thought he might track it down. Center field here is a long ways away [428 feet]. I was hitting second when I noticed it kicked away and sort of rolled into no-man’s land and that’s when I realized I had a good shot at [the inside-the-park home run].”

His next two home runs were more traditional, going over the wall.

His four hits and five RBIs were both career highs. He now has hit four home runs in five games and 14 at-bats. He entered the game with two long balls in his previous 44 games and 185 at-bats.

What’s the reason for the recent uptick for Sweeney?

“Just making some small adjustments,” Sweeney said. “I was missing a lot of hittable pitches early on and swinging at pitches I should not have been. I just wasn’t seeing the ball really well. It’s all about finding something you’re confident and comfortable with and I’ve done that recently.”

Maren Angus

Maren Angus-Coombs was born in Los Angeles and raised in Nashville, Tenn. She is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and has been a sports writer since 2008. Despite being raised in the South, her sports obsession has always been in Los Angeles. She is currently a staff writer for Dodgers Nation and the LA Sports Report Network.


  1. What are his stats, this year and lifetime? Is it too much to ask authors in this area of pseudo journalism to give us the stats?

    1. Sweeney is .247 BA, .783 OPS in 4 minor league seasons. I liked him in Spring training, but his long term record is not great. He was a star in College, dropped when hitting the minors, and would drop more in the majors.

    1. Don’t bank on Elly. Just because he smoked us in that one game, does not mean he is a long-term star. He’s not even batting .250. Sure, he’s fast, but you have to get on base for that to be a factor – remember Dee Gordon. I don’t think you should ever trade much for a rookie, no matter how good they look out of the gate. Look at Outman, Pages, even Michael Busch is fading after killing early.

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