Dodgers Sign Blake Gailen

The Dodgers signed left-handed hitting outfielder Blake Gailen to a minor league contract on Tuesday.

Gailen is relatively older for a minor league signing at the age of 33. He is a local boy, who attended El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills and went on to play for the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV).

The outfielder has enjoyed a long career in professional baseball and has been a member of the Angels and Blue Jays organizations as well as the Dodgers’ system as recently as 2017. He reached as high as Triple-A for the Blue Jays back in 2013.

Across 4 minor league seasons, Gailen played in 162 games and put together a .249/.347/.429 slash line.

Across 3 seasons in the Mexican Pacific Winter Leagues, he played in 147 games, amassing a .238/.348/.431 line.

Gailen has spent most of his professional career in independent ball (12 years) where he was well above-average. In 917 games, Gailen batted .322/.411/.513, which is pretty excellent.

Also, Blake Gailen participated in the World Baseball Classic in 2017, playing for Team Israel.



Gailen appears to be nothing more than a depth signing at the moment but has played well in independent ball and has tasted affiliated ball in the past. The fact that Gailen has been in the Dodgers organization in the past (AA Tulsa) also indicates that the club likes him enough to bring him back after a .282/.378/.511 campaign to go along with 28 homers and 14 stolen bases in 2018.

Again, this is simply a depth signing for the organization and I wish Blake Gailen the best of luck in reaching the big leagues at some point in the future.

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  1. Great, another left handed outfielder. 12 year in independent leagues? Isn’t that for guys who refuse to believe they will never make it to MLB? Crash Davis anyone?

    • Here we go again. This front office hasn’t a clue. U trade a known entity in Puig , to sign an injury prone OF, which will now force u to trade a Pederson to free up room in an already crowded OF. Again, over valuing players. I would have preferred a trade for Starling Marte, a RH bat who would have provided u the lead off hitter u have lacked for years. Totally disappointing off season.

    • Honestly folks, although it’s just for minor league depth, his age and past says it all. AND WHAT A SHOCK~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another LH batter. I said so before and it bears saying again, just that Dodgers should eliminate the RH batter’s box and have everyone bat left handed! Nothing more to say……

      • Its too bad that this news blurb was published. I would rather see some “news of consequence” about the Blue Crew. I agree with Paul on this this : lets use only half of the plate!!!! Go Blue Crew!!!

    • First of all PD Jr. is not a parrot. Second, At least I show respect for what other posters have to say and treat people as I wished to be treated. One cannot say the same thing about you.

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