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Dodgers Sign Intriguing Left-Hander Casey Crosby

The Dodgers have reportedly agreed to terms with left-handed pitcher Casey Crosby after a video surfaced of him on Rob Friedman’s (@PitchingNinja on Twitter) Flatground App. Crosby is 31 years old and has made it to the major leagues as recently as 2012.

These days, Crosby is up to 96-98 miles per hour on his fastball with tremendous spin efficiency data from Rapsodo on his side. In terms of vertical movement on his fastball, he gets significant rise, registering 20.8 inches of rise per the video. Crosby pitched in the independent leagues in 2019, registering a 1.74 ERA across 46 2/3 innings of work, striking out 75 batters in total.

If Crosby was in the major leagues today, this is how he would stack up with movement and velocity:

Crosby is a huge believer in analytics and they have certainly revitalized his career. His upside is tremendous based on his numerical totals, but add in the fact that he is a lefty and you have a potential back-end arm if all breaks right.

He was a fifth round pick back in 2010 with the Detroit Tigers, the team he only threw for three times in the majors.

Here is a look at Crosby’s fastball before embracing analytics versus his fastball after:

His spin efficiency rose, his vertical movement increased, and because of it, he is now a legitimate prospect.

This is a name to watch, Dodger fans. At 31 years old, he definitely has the seasoning to become something fierce for the Dodgers’ bullpen.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Freidman passes on Straus, Cole and Zack and takes garbage lol. This guy is a joke to baseball

  2. So many people are instantly negative and for no reason, I wonder if they are like that in life? IF so they must be terrible to be around. This Dodger team has been outstanding. Many fans are like spoiled children wailing about not getting the more expensive toy.
    The Dodgers are going to compete for decades. They have an incredible Management and Coaching staff although I believe they should fire Roberts.
    It is amazing how they have found players that have been cut loose and had success. Look at Turner, Muncy, Taylor and a few years ago Morrow. Some don’t work out but many do and at little cost but great benefit. This guy is a Left-Handed relief pitcher that throws high velocity and has maximum movement on his pitches! What is to complain about? Jeez

    1. You sound like a shill sent from ownership. It’s not about just wanting the most expensive toy for the heck of it, it’s about wanting championship caliber players. We need Cole or Strasburg to pair with Buehler not Kershaw Urias Gonsolin or May who’ve either never gotten it done in their lives or are unproven to this point they need to be at the backend in October with playoffs warriors at the front Cole/ Strasburg and Buehler. You use that compete word too, just competing is all this ownership cares about because it keeps people coming back spending money and that’s all they need for their investment not winning it all and so we will not have a championship caliber team just a competitive one. You say many of these under the radar pickups have worked and yes they have for the regular season but this group just doesn’t get it done in the playoffs and don’t point to those two pennants that you are so proud of that’s still falling short of what the FANS want.

  3. It just gets old, always putting a $.10 tie on a $1,000. suit. Dodgers and Harbor Freight go together like peanut butter and jam.

  4. Another Dodger bargain basement signing… This one, from what I can tell, has not pitched to a single batter in MLB. Maybe he will make the roster, but is he a guy that can get outs in playoff games?

    Can someone tell the Dodgers that sometimes when you want to purchase a diamond, you actually have to go to a diamond store? You generally dont win championships with mediocre players, you actually have to go get superstars like Shaq or Kareem.

    1. It makes sense when you understand why Andrew was hired. Save money first, then try to build a team. Its the fan versus the investor. Guggenheim doesnt look at MLB standings, they look at the market. Packed stadium trumps a championship.

    2. In baseball you can. Cardinals Royals and Giants are some examples BUT it doesn’t seem to work for the Dodgers so they should stop trying to be that like you said and add some stars. The last 4 champions have made the bigs moves to stack their team with a mix of farm talent and big acquisitions. That’s how you do it in this current era, all have beaten us in October on route to the title. We need to finally be that team. We got the farm talent and good veterans now it’s time to make the big acquisitions to put us over

    3. Ooops, Casey Cosby did pitch in the majors several years ago. In 3 starts, he had ERA of 9.49 so we can only hope he will better now. But it still sounds like the Dodgers are searching for gold in the Tupperware aisle.

    1. Ozone8, it may be an under radar type deal, and it is a minor leagued deal at that but if Dodgers fall short, it won’t be because of anything Casey Crosby does or does not do. he may work out well,BUT if Dodgers don’t address some of the needs that pages here have been pointing out for the better part of the off season up until now, then expect similar results in October. But tmaxter makes one point I really concur with as far as Roberts is concerned.

  5. If everyone doesn’t like how the current Dodger management team operates, then the only way to get their attention is for us fans to stay away from Dodger Stadium. Plus you would save yourself money on that over priced garbaged food they sell. And the outrageous parking prices.

    1. DJR, that is what some have suggested and I fully agree with you here. For my part, I have been living in Southern Oregon since 2004 so I am 850+ miles away from DS and believe me, it has been very easy for me not to be able to spend money at the park.

  6. Been a Dodger fan since 1963. And this current management is outstanding. 7 straight years to the playoffs? The Braves went to the Series once? In 13 straight playoff years. We need to trust the system. And yep, I feel like now is the time to make a move. Get a frontline starter. A solid reliever. But not at the expense of our future. Cole or Strasburg would be great. But a 7 or more year contract? Not so sure about that. We did that with Greinke. He would have worked out had he stayed. But most pitchers have a high risk. The bottom line is — we have been to the Series twice in the 7 years. You keep getting to the post season, and sooner later you get the crown.

    1. Everything we need is in the FA market therefore nothing would be at the expense of our future. We can sign a front line starter and 2 big time relievers and keep all of our prospects. They have plenty of money and have made plenty and will continue making plenty. They are just greedy

    2. Tell that to the Buffalo Bills. Have been a Doyers fan since 1966 and LA wants winners, not runner-ups. Seriously, 31 years without a ring is pretty lame. Some of that is bad managing, but the FO is going to have to get serious. The way Belli and Seager completely disappeared in the playoffs was pathetic and I wouldn’t be expecting much from Kershaw or Hill in the future. Jansen is too iffy and he has clearly declined to the point of not being a reliable closer any longer. Friedman needs to make a couple of real moves such as a acquiring a contact hitter who has playoff experience (Rendon), a reliable closer (Hader), and another SP (Cole). Time to get creative Friedman, it’s why they pay you the big bucks. BTW, there is nothing wrong with giving this guy a chance to make the team, but he is not the answer that the Dodgers need.

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