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Dodgers: Small Fix With His Grip Has Changed Tyler Anderson’s Season

It was just over a month ago that Tyler Anderson talked about a change in his grip that seems to have shaped the season. And here we are in June with Anderson as one of the Dodgers’ best starting pitchers. It’s been a wild ride that very few expected. 

Since signing a one-year deal with the Dodgers, Anderson has completely revamped his game. He’s throwing his fastball less than last season and has upped his change-up usage. That is paying off huge early on, inducing some of the softest contact in the league. 

Part of that has been that adjustment in the grip for his change-up. Whatever the Dodgers convinced him to do, it’s working. And it sounds like the grip is something that he used early on in his career and go away from. 

 “I’m throwing with a new grip, and I just felt like I didn’t throw it for as quality of strikes as often as I wanted to. I usually can throw it in the count whenever and I’d like to throw it in the zone. I just was pushing them off a little bit; too many out of the zone. It’s one that I used to throw, and just went back to it. It’s kind of different,” 

Whatever he’s doing, he needs to keep it up. Anderson has pitched to a 2.90 ERA and has been signed with just 2 runs over his past 3 starts. He is also on a 20-inning scoreless streak and has yet to lose a decision for the Dodgers. 

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He’s one of the best in the league in walk percentage and he continues to prevent batters from barreling up balls. He’s in the top of the league in hard-hit percentage and that doesn’t appear to be going away. If he does keep this up, the Dodgers got a heck of a deal. 

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