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Dodgers: Mets Players Complain About Poor Conditions at Dodger Stadium

The Mets and the Dodgers just kicked off a series in Los Angeles this week. With both teams running into a whole lot of success early on, it should be a very fun series to see if they’re the 2 teams that will match up at some point in October. 

The Dodgers took game one of the series behind an incredible start from Tony Gonsolin. He shut them down for 6 innings and allowed just 2 hits en route to the win. But there are still 3 games left to figure out what the 2 teams are made of. 

But surprisingly, there was a report that the Mets players were unhappy with conditions at the stadium. Ahead of their matchup with the Dodgers, one Mets player reportedly told the NY Post’s Mike Puma that the video room was…very bad. 

“Mets aren’t thrilled with the working conditions at Dodger Stadium. According to one Met, the video room is dingy and smells like rat urine. Says it’s far below MLB standards.”

It’s pretty out of character for a big-league player to say something like that to a reporter, so take the information as you will. But the Dodgers are the class of Major League Baseball and spare no expense for their players. So it would be odd that the video room wouldn’t be up to standards. 

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We’ll see if there is any more to come out about the conditions, but it doesn’t seem likely. The Dodgers will send out Tyler Anderson on Friday night to face off against a good righty in Chris Bassitt. It should be a good one. 

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    1. I’ve been to NY and there are rats everywhere just like Atlanta has pidgeons everywhere. Just a rat with wings I think The mets player pissed his pants after the beat down! And now we have a 2nd beat down…

    2. A,,,,,,,,,, because everything in New York is rat infested!
      That’s why they know what rat piss smells like!!

  1. I guess those bad conditions are probably responsible for them scoring only one (1) run in 18 innings. Poor delicate New Yorkers are used to only pristine and immaculate conditions like the city they are from. NY is about the dirtiest scummiest place in the US.

  2. We have a video room without rat urine, but that’s reserved for the home team. Sorry.

  3. Haha, that’s rich coming from them, where rats infest the entire city. NYM is a diva bitch team, just like their diva bitch pitcher Max Scherzer. So glad he left Dodgers!

  4. So why not share the name of said Mets player? Probably because he doesn’t want to catch crap for spreading lies maybe? Funny he know what it smells like.. maybe he is just home sick

  5. RAT URINE.!!!!…what about room freshener This story sounds a little fishy…lol

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