Dodgers: Social Media Reactions to Yasmani Grandal Contract

The offseason hot stove could be characterized as more of a parboil so far. This changed last night, as everyone’s favorite regular season catcher named Yasmani shocked everyone by signing a 1-year deal with the Milwaukee Reviewers, er, Brewers.

A 1 Year Contract?

An $18.25 1-year contract is only about $250,000 more than the qualifying offer from the Dodgers. Dodgers Nation will cover the intricacies of qualifying offers in an article that is forthcoming. For now, let’s take a look at the spiciest, saltiest, and funniest reactions from Dodger fans on Twitter to Yazmani’s signing.


Our Clint Pasillas (friend of the podcast he runs) confirmed his ownership of a joke.


I only highlight my own jokes if I really think they’re funny:




Some More Tempered Reactions



Different Takes


Final Thoughts

This tweet says a lot. Yaz has been one of the top 3 catchers every year for a while. If we’re being fair, the reactions to his departure stem from his late season struggles and his disastrous NLCS and playoffs altogether. Yasmani Grandal should’ve taken the 4/60 from the Mets. He was worth that, and probably more.

Analyzing Dodgers Other Catching Options

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