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Dodgers Free Agency: Yasmani Grandal Signs With Rival National League Team

Yasmani Grandal has a new team, and will officially no longer call Los Angeles home. Instead, Grandal has signed a one-year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. Ironically, Grandal will face a team he had some struggles against in the 2018 NLCS.

Ken Rosenthal had the report first on twitter.

Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports has further details on the financial aspects of the contract. The deal is worth $18.25 million for one year. This of course gives Grandal some flexibility to sign a longer-term deal if he has a solid year in Milwaukee. At the same time – this is short of the four-year pact Grandal was reportedly offered by the New York Mets earlier in the offseason.

Now, Grandal will have the chance at retribution against the Dodgers; the team he has made himself a marquee name with since 2015.

Grandal should be appreciated for what he was for Los Angeles: a very good offensive bat for a backstop. He leaves the Dodgers after posting an 113 OPS+ and 89 homers in 510 career games in a Dodger uniform. Never a charismatic personality or leader, he handled the job quietly and thanklessly.

Now that this news is official – we would like to wish him well and good luck.

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  1. I think Grandal fucked up The Mets offered him 4 yrs 60 million or 15 million a yr–now he gets 18,25 for one year?–rolling the dice

  2. I just think he was horrible in LA. The last 2 seasons he must have wore down at the end. In 17 he was replaced and 18 should have been but Barnes was so misused during the season he couldn’t perform. I shutter to think that a guy who fielded as bad as him and hit .077 vs braves 182 vs Brew ans 200 in the WS could come close to that number, he’s a 10 mil guy max. Just glad he signed with them. What did he do well hit 20 home runs which is not a big deal anymore. Framing is a BS stat and should be ignored. Who decides whether a catcher frames well? Probably the wizard of OZ. Just a nonsensical stat made up by some agent or something.

    1. At least now Dodgers get a draft pick in return from Brewers as a result of this signing. In any event, dodgers still are in need of another catcher to replace him, as Barnes doesn’t scare too many pitchers offensively.

  3. When it looked like the Dodgers struck out finding a 1 or 2 year Catcher they should have offered Grandal enough to bag him for 2019…unless he just didn’t want to come back to L.A. ??? AT least he would hit 20 homers a year…. They have soooo far had a salary dump eliminating 3 good players and signed only Kelly….Now they need to replace..what 60 Homers or so??? where’s that coming from…even if they signed Harper he wouldn’t account for half that…..AND they still need some frontline pitching & catching!!!

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