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Dodgers: Something Is Not Quite Right With Blake Treinen

Something doesn’t seem quite right with Blake Treinen. Dominant over the course of most of the 2021 season, the Dodgers reliever has had 3 straight outings where he hasn’t looked like himself. That includes Saturday night in Atlanta.

Treinen entered the game in the bottom of the 7th with the Dodgers trailing a run. He immediately left a cutter out over the heart of the plate to Abraham Almonte, who proceeded to park it in the seats in right field. Treinen would go on to load up the bases before working out of a jam. 

After the game, Dave Roberts was asked about the recent struggles of Treinen. It’s especially important given the groin injury that held him out of a game recently, but Roberts pointed to other issues with his command. 

I think with Blake it’s just been a little bit of lack of command. I think with all major league pitchers when they’re not going well, the stuff is there. But the cutter is just missing. The slider is kind of going in and out and he’s getting behind hitters. And when you do that, there’s a high probability of giving up some runs. I think he went five straight cutters to Almonte. You could say it was a good pitch in a vacuum but he saw it four times prior.

At this point, there is no telling if health is a factor in what Treinen has gone through over the last 3 games. But in those games, he’s allowed 5 earned runs in 3 innings of work. That includes allowing 2 homeruns in the process. Treinen had previously allowed just 1 all year. 

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Treinen’s control has also seen a little bit of a dip in that time frame. Walking 2 batters on Saturday night was the worst example of control that we’ve seen from him in a while. Don’t be surprised to see the Dodgers stay away from him a little this week, or they might want to get him some work against a lower-level team like the Pirates. 

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  1. Little dribblers and weak pop ups…that’s our offense. Hit it hard,…anywhere, even if it’s an out. Hit it hard and take your chances.

  2. For the last month, any formidable pitcher locks down the Dodgers hitters. Even when they get a starter with a 5 plus E.R.A. he suddenly becomes unhittable. The games the Dodgers do well is against sub par pitchers or they draw walks that’s it. If this keeps up, Mookie hitting 240 as a leadoff hitter, Turner 30 points lower and loss of power, Bellinger looks like a Minor leaguer, Pollock and Mckinstry hit weak ground balls etc,the only post season ball these guys will be seeing is watching it like the rest of the fans.

  3. Another thing, after watching the 2020 highlights yesterday I noticed how much desire and heart this team portrayed . Kike’ and Pederson were always fired up and filled with passion. Understood they are both gone, but who’s going to light a fire under these guys? Everyone just passively accepts the constant slumps. Pretty embarrassing when a 41 year old man out plays everyone. This team constantly has men on base and will never hit and run, sac bunt, suicide or safety squeeze. The element of surprise is dead with Roberts. He’s so consumed with making injury excuses he fails to play the simple game of baseball. Even the Braves who by the way lead the league in offense, are bunting and sacrificing runners. No imagination or clue on getting runners over, beating the shift.At this point it’s hard to imagine this team won anything.

  4. Our hitters look lost. Got to get the bat on the ball and take your chances. Here’s a typical Dodger offense scenario. Bases loaded, no out. Next batter up, strikeout…next, pop up…next, slow roller back to the pitcher. Can’t anyone on this team hit it hard besides CT3? Of late, Mookie makes me want a refund.

    1. Verdugo sure looks good and hitting 60 points than Mookie! Mega contracts sure make you look lazy!

  5. Albert is bringing his own brand of determination to this team for certain, and I agree that it is somewhat “embarassing when a 41 year old man outplays everyone.” Overall, our team is looking lackluster much of the time. I knew that Kike and Joc would be missed for clutch hitting but also for their contagious energy. Also, I agree that we need to stop leaving so many players on base without scoring a run: sac bunt, suicide or safety squeeze and hard contact. Despite our struggles, however, I have to believe that we still have some time to get this together before we are too deep into the season. Go Dodgers!

  6. I agree with the comments above related to small ball..we have consistently avoided small ball when runs have been hard to come by. The going on contact play with a guy on third is pretty disgusting. The only time it has worked is when the throw hit Taylor in the back. The shift seems to have us totally screwed up as well. Although there have been a few attempts to go the other way and Cody seems to be cutting down on his monster swings occasionally.

    This is an offense by power team…something more middle of the road would be more effective! Especially when we have so many guys slumping. Perhaps Mookie needs his eyesight checked??

  7. Glad I’m not the only one watching these guys. If they are the paid professionals that they’re being paid enormously to be, one would think it would be easy to move over some runners, or hit and run etc. If it goes against metrics, so be it because the Pads Giants Braves and Brewers are all better teams than the Dodgers right now…It’s a Long season but a 3 game lead now could very easily be 9 games if the Dodgers don’t start changing their” wait for the Homer mentality” because these aforementioned teams are NOT going away…

  8. Most of the team seems not quite right. It seems like the Series ring must have made many of them feel complacent during the off-season. I still love the team and the individual players, but the intensity is missing a bit, and even the players who aren’t injured, look injured, and might be trying to hide their injuries. Voodoo curse? Who knows. Hopefully only temporary.

  9. The offense is an off/on thing and mostly it’s been off this year since May. Injuries have caused problems – as all teams have to deal with them so do the Dodgers. However, let’s not forget that the alleged strength of this team was their depth. Well injuries happened and the depth mostly was not there. Add that to the sub par performance by Turner and Betts thus far and the problems became even worse. It does seem Doc is letting the scoring opportunities depend on playing long ball and not trying to play aggressive small ball. With the way this team has been leaving men on base they don’t have much to lose by using more hit and run chances, or even bunting a runner along. Why not even try? What’s to lose?

  10. I have seen every game he has pitched. The last three were like someone had the scouting tips as well as replaying the games had picked up on something. It seem to easy It appears that they are looking for a slower Fastball and curve, I mean 83-85 mph. Blake pitching abilities’ is all command. Always. I have to watch him again before I become concerned.

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