Kendrick And Rollins Discuss Chemistry, Bunting Competition (VIDEO)

Jimmy Rollins, Howie Kendrick

No strangers to being under a spotlight, the Los Angeles Dodgers welcomed ESPN’s flagship show, SportsCenter, to Camelback Ranch on Sunday as part of the network’s ‘SportsCenter On The Road’ series.

Throughout the morning, several players and president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman were interviewed on a wide array of topics including, chemistry, organic food taking over the clubhouse menu, and pressure placed on the Dodgers to end their World Series drought.

Howie Kendrick and Jimmy Rollins were the first players interviewed by Sara Walsh. Echoing what Kendrick said he expected would occur during his introductory press conference, Rollins stated the new middle infield partners have quickly developed a good chemistry.

Rollins added they’re still working on growing accustomed to some of the finer aspects and nuances of each other’s game. Kendrick expanded on Rollins’ comments, then revealed the two have been locked in a fierce bunting competition.

Kendrick begrudgingly acknowledged Rollins ran away with a recent victory, but the veteran shortstop interjected to point out Kendrick was victorious in the first competition — however, also mentioning that Kendrick’s win may have been due to a favorable ruling.

While plenty of excitement surrounds the revamped Dodgers’ middle infield, how long it will remain intact is unknown as both Kendrick and Rollins have one year remaining on their respective contracts.

Courtesy of ESPN, the complete interview can be viewed below:

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