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Dodgers: Stripling Reveals Why He Didn’t Like Facing Pollock in Arizona

A.J. Pollock was the guest on Live from Sunset Strip with Ross Stripling this week, talking about his newborn daughter and coming to the Dodgers. Los Angeles signed Pollock to a five-year deal prior to the start of the 2019 season, stealing him away from the Diamondbacks. 

As it turns out, Stripling wasn’t exactly a big fan of Pollock’s while he with Arizona. The Dodgers’ pitcher joked about how A.J. hit very well against him and that he was glad when he decided to change sides. 

Dude, I didn’t like you but I didn’t like you because you crushed me. I wanted to find the stats but I couldn’t find them, but I’m pretty sure you’re something like 7-for-10 with three homers off me. So just for that reason when you signed I’m like yes. 

The good news for Strip is that Pollock hasn’t had THAT much success against him. Pollock is 4-for-10 with two solo homeruns off of Stripling, per Rotowire stats. Regardless, it’s good to know that he won’t have to dread that matchup at any point over the next couple of years now that A.J. is with the Dodgers. 

Funny enough, Pollock even joked about how he has had the Dodgers’ number over the years. The veteran outfielder talked about really coming alive against Los Angeles pitching, especially during 2018. 

I had a good year against you guys man, that one year I like, you guys must have been like ‘that guys the greatest player in the league’. And then I come back and you’re like ‘why does he not do anything else against anyone else?’. I saved it for you guys! 

For his career, A.J. has certainly taken advantage of Dodgers’ pitching. He is a career .291 hitter with 17 homeruns in 89 games played against Los Angeles. Safe to say that our pitchers would certainly prefer to have him in Los Angeles. 

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  1. Yeah AJ that would be funny if it wasn’t completely true. I’m still convinced that playoff performance was on purpose. No one is that horrible people need to look back at what pitches the guy was swinging at and you’ll see, it was like if a fan went up there

  2. AJ has the curse of potential even this far along into his career. He has consistently been injured. Why is it that some players consistently injure themselves? Is it that they play “All Out”? A player or athlete has to understand their limitations and the game so that they do not risk catastrophic injury for the sake of catching a ball against the fence and taking themselves out for the rest of the season! You have to be smarter than that.
    AJ has incredible talent and potential. Will he ever be able to stay healthy in his career to achieve his real potential. Who knows?
    Hopefully he is smart enough to understand he needs to stay healthy and not do stupid things and get injured AGAIN. The great news is the Dodgers have some very good looking young Outfielders on the Farm ready to fight for a roster slot. AJ better perform or he will be on the bench or gone.

  3. AJ was a bust and should be traded. Not only was he a strikeout machine but his defense is below average probably in the bottom 20% of the league. The Dodgers should have insisted the take him in the Betts for Verdugo deal.

  4. With only a proposed 50 game season Dodgers are any team CANNOT afford a losing streak of more than a few games. A team that falls far behind really does not have the luxury of a full season in which to right their ship so to speak.

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