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Dodgers: Team Announces Manny Machado Bobblehead Night

Whether or not Manny Machado remains a long-term fixture in the Dodgers clubhouse remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the club officially announced a special promotion for late-September that ensures a Machado collectible can be yours forever. It’s a must-have for any Dodgers fan that wants to catch a piece of ‘Mannywood 2.0’.

Manny Machado bobblehead night has been announced for September 22nd at Dodger Stadium against the San Diego Padres.

The game is slated for a 6:10 PM first pitch. By then, hopefully Machado has around 12 to 15 home runs as a Dodger and they’re playing out a meaningless string of games in preparation for the postseason.

Even if Machado leaves the team following the 2018 season, this is an item that captures a poignant era of Dodgers baseball. It’s something that any Dodgers fan should be happy to have on their shelf to remember the time when the Dodgers acquired the most valuable player ever in-season in terms of WAR value.

Still, there are fans who are investing heavily into Machado’s long term future with the Dodgers. Per our Dodgers Nation Media twitter account, some fans were spotted at Machado’s first Dodger Stadium game in full gear. They have no fears about Machado’s long-term future with the club.

I won’t be in Los Angeles on September 22nd. Will I be making a few phone calls and arrangements to get bobblehead Manny in a Fed Ex box on his way to my doorstep? Absolutely.


So we aren’t going to do any real analysis on a bobblehead doll. However, hats off to the Dodgers organization for recognizing what a polarizing figure Machado is. Rewarding the fan base with a cool collectible to commemorate him playing in a Dodgers uniform was a sharp idea. If Manny’s introductory press conference is any indicator – it’s not a given that he just decides to walk out of Los Angeles following 2018. He seems to like playing for an organization rich in tradition. This will either be the one Machado bobblehead in Dodgers gear, or one in a very long line of them. Either way, it’s a must-have item.

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