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Dodgers Terrorize Opponents on the Road at a Historic Pace

A lot can be said about a Dodgers team that leads the league run differential (+275) and sitting five games ahead of the Houston Astros for the best record in the MLB. The Dodgers also have a whopping 45-16 record at home, but what makes this Dodgers team continue to standout is their impressive play on the road. 

When the Dodgers come into town, you better run. This season, the Dodgers are on track to finish with one of the best road records in MLB history (currently hold 41-21 record).

It comes as no surprise as the Dodgers continue to set records all across the organization

They still need some work to do to catch up to their 2020 counterpart, but if the past month is any indication of what it will be like moving forward, the Dodgers will continue to ruin opposing fans nights. 

The Dodgers love winning. In fact, they love winning so much they not only want to make sure they win, but they want to drain the hopes out of opponents. 

The Dodgers are 15-5 in their last 20 road games. Against all opponents faced during their run, the Dodgers have beaten their opponents by at-least two-runs in 13 of their 15 wins. 

With the postseason just a few months away, the Dodgers continued steamroll wherever they play brings a welcome sign for all fans. Despite their success, it seems likely the Dodgers won’t need to worry about losing home field advantage in the postseason

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