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Dodgers: The 2022 Season Comes Undone in the 7th Inning for LA

And just like that. The remarkable season that included 111 wins ended by the team down south in classic come-from-behind fashion. A 3-0 lead turned into a 5-3 loss and an abrupt ending to the Dodgers’ 2022 season.

The teams’ bats seemed to finally wake up as they took a 3-0 lead with Tyler Anderson on the mound. Anderson delivered a clutch performance holding the Padres scoreless through 5 innings only allowing 2 hits and striking out 6.

But once then things slowly started to unravel in the Padres’ favor, just like it had all series.

In the seventh, the Dodgers scored a run countered by the Padres’ 5 runs in the singular inning. Hearts crushed for Dodgers fans as Petco Park erupted.

The Dodgers had one last shot to keep their season alive as the top of the lineup faced off against Josh Hader in an attempt to force Game 5. Between Betts, Turner, and Freeman, the bats went cold yet again resulting in a devasting loss for the Dodgers.

This will be the first time the Padres advance to the NLCS since 1998.

Here’s our take on the NLDS and the Dodgers’ postseason performance, short-lived and quite disappointing to say the least. Join the live stream to share your thoughts and questions for our team.


Kristilyn Hetherington

Kristilyn is a student at Azusa Pacific University pursuing a B.A. in Journalism with a concentration on sports. She worked for her high school newspaper as Editor in Chief for three years and has been working here since July 2022. She also works for the Sports Information Office at her college and has served as a Student-Athlete Representative for the Student Government at APU. She was recently inducted into the National Journalism Honor Society, Kappa Tau Alpha, and has written a few pieces for the school newspaper and magazine. She's an avid sports lover and is excited to continue growing and learning in this field.


    1. If we don’t replace him, it will continue to be the same thing over and over. We a new manager (and motivator) for the new team next year when we dump the deadwood players and bring in our top prospects.

    2. I’m a Dodgers fan but I hate the sense of Entitlement attitude they have. Too laid back, no fight in their eyes like SD had and Houston has.
      They dont show up during the playoffs. Roberts needs to to go and team need more diversity, too white.

      111 games got you nothing!

      1. You actually think the race of the players was a contributing factor? If so, was it also a factor that they won 111 games? Maybe pump the brakes a couple times before you opine.

  1. The swing and miss just killed the Dodgers through out this series. The Muncy strikeout in the 7th was the stake thru the heart

  2. As for me I don’t even say ok Padres you won.They did because we actually tanked and to a man this must be admitted Firing on all cylinders property the Friars are left kicking their wounds in the dust.OK now for a brief moment we cheer on the Phillies.But only until they beat out San Diego.We have business next season.Will we man up?. I am betting on it.Dodger fan since 1966 and I am 60.Friends we HAVE to get it together.Unbelievable.

  3. Tough day, depressing I’m sure for the entire Dodgers organization from the players, coaches, management, farm system, owners and fans. It is really mind boggling that the best team in MLB over the last decade has only won one championship…. And this season it seemed destiny was to win another .. until the little brother slap the crap out of LAD and moves on to play the Philadelphia Phillies for the NL championship. Congratulations to San Diego Padres and hope the best for you guys to win it all.

  4. The Dodgers got exactly what they deserve. The reasons are obvious. In our society, the only thing that matters are championships. I feel like a six month grind where a team wins 111 games is a much greater feat than a tournament at the end of that “grind”. Thanks Dodgers for six months of great entertainment.

    1. You must be a glutton for misery, this year and almost the years Captain Roberts has so called managed the team has been under achievers. It all starts and ends with the manager. He should be gone !

  5. Pathetic. 111 wins mean precisely nothing. Perfect pathetic finish to a terrible season though, with Betts, Turner, and Freeman striking out in order in the ninth.

  6. The decisions all come down to Dave Roberts. Dodgers cannot move forward without dumping him. This sucks. Robert’s decision making has always sucked. Move on.

  7. If we don’t replace him, it will continue to be the same thing over and over. We a new manager (and motivator) for the new team next year when we dump the deadwood players and bring in our top prospects.

  8. I think I am most upset that outside of game 1, our cleanup hitter Will Smith did Nothing! How many times in this series did he come up with the bases loaded and nothing. Same with Justin Turner, Taylor, and others.

    I appreciate everything that JT has done for this team, but father time has caught up with him. I hope he and Bellinger are not Dodgers next year. I also hope that Muncy wakes up from a poor year and playoff.

    Anyway, I know longer care about 111 wins and greatest LA team ever. The fact that we did not even show up in this series with SD is all that matters to me. We may win the division every year but we always find a way to choke in the playoffs. It’s getting old.

  9. The latest MLB postseason structure is a farce. Why should a team that finishes 22 games behind the division leader get the opportunity to play in the postseason? Better structure. Best record in NL and AL get a bye. Other 2 teams in each league playoff for chance to play against the 2 best record teams. Survivors play in World Series.

  10. 162 game season and the teams that go to the World Series are the ones that are hottest come playoff time. Doesn’t make sense, it’s all about money.
    Dodgers need to come up with RBI capable bats, pitchers who remain healthy, a manager who can handle big games in-game and quit relying on hope as a strategy.
    I listened to Charlie Steiner go on and on about this season’s statistics rather than watching what is going on in the game he’s calling. The Padres post trade deadline are what’s relevant. He’s also very critical of the other team and players. We need to get rid of him first and revamp to correct our weaknesses, which any knowledgeable Dodger fan could’ve told you going into the NLDS.
    “In the history of the Dodger franchise nothing has come easy”; truer words have never been spoken. Think about that Andrew…

  11. “There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”
    Tommy Lasorda

    This October our club was in those last two groups

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