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Dodgers: The Dreadful TV Deal is About to Get Much Better

One of the hardest parts about being a Dodgers fan is not the back-to-back World Series losses. It’s not the difficult drive through downtown that gets you stuck in traffic on a weekend afternoon. It’s not even that terrible stadium traffic you face when you leave a ballgame in the ninth inning. No, the worst part of being a Dodger fan is absolutely the horrendous television deal. 

The Dodgers’ deal with Spectrum makes it impossible for fans to watch their games all year long. The deal made it so that most games were held exclusively on Spectrum and blacked out everywhere else. The new deal though will reportedly include DirectTV and it’s subsidiaries. 

Here’s more from Spectrum SportsNet LA itself.

The timing of this deal could not be further from hilarious, as it comes on April Fools day. The television deal has long drawn the ire of Dodgers fans living in Los Angeles that do not get to watch their own team play.

This new deal paves the way for a more friendly television deal, as it reaches far more of the team’s own fanbase. Games are not being played at the moment of course. But when they do get started, so many more fans will be able to watch their Dodgers play. 

The Dodgers signed the deal with Spectrum SportsNet LA/TimeWarner Cable a few years back with the intentions of it being a huge 25-year deal. The agreement was worth a whopping $8.35 billion at the time of the signing, though it is unclear if this changes that in any way. 

This is a historic moment for the Dodgers, no matter how small it may seem, so we will continue to monitor the deal and keep you up to date. 

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  1. This means I’ll have to get Directv. I’ll have to pay there exorbitant prices, just to have the opportunity to subscribe to the Dodger games. Better for whom???

  2. Why just So. Cal, Nevada and Hawaii? I’m just across the California/Arizona border in Arizona and can’t receive the channel (609)!! No sense in calling Dirtect TV, can’t handle the frustration of trying to talk sense with their people on a normal day much less during these troubling times. The channel appears on my guide but won’t come through!!

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