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Dodgers Will Reportedly Issue Info On Ticket Refunds This Week

These may just be rumors, but it’s possible that fans will be getting information on ticket exchanges and refunds as early as this week. A fan posted on the Dodgers’ subreddit that apparently had a conversation with ticket sales in regards to the refund process. Below is the post, we’ll let you be the judge for yourself on the accuracy.

FYI: Dodgers to issue info on refunds and exchanges due to coronavirus later this week from Dodgers

In the post, the Dodgers fan acknowledges that they attempted to contact the Dodgers via email. The fan had tickets to a game this past weekend that was rescheduled as of now due to the coronavirus outbreak that has shut down Major League Baseball.

The Dodgers were supposed to kick off their season against the Giants in a three-game series this past weekend. Those games have obviously been pushed, as has every game for the foreseeable future. Fans have been getting anxious as the team has yet to formally reach out with any information regarding refunds. 

As the Reddit user points out, it’s possible that the league has issued mandates on when teams should reach out. Baseball officially pushed back all games two weeks, but it is very unlikely that games will even be started by early June. One source on Tuesday even noted that getting an Opening Day start on the Fourth of July seems like a date that the league is shooting for.

Regardless, fans with tickets for games that have already passed should continue to reach out to the Dodgers and try to get any information possible. I myself have emailed several times about my Opening Day tickets, but have not heard back. If you have information or an exchange with the Dodgers about your tickets, please let us know in the comments below. 

Hopefully, we’ll be back to baseball soon here, gang. 

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  1. A season ticket rep told me that no refunds are being considered because no games have been cancelled, only “rescheduled”.

  2. We have a 20 game season package and Kaitlyn Cozens – Account Executive, Membership Services reached out to us. She gave her direct number at the stadium. She doesn’t have any answers yet though. I think they’re still trying to figure this out.

  3. This is BS. Have $1k worth of tickets. They will not give refunds. I need that money. Even if the season starts up I am not going to attend any games. Do the right thing and refund all tickets Dodgers.

  4. There’s only one thing greater then the gravitational pull of a black hole, and that is the Dodgers grip on your money. Good luck to all, and more than anything, stay safe.

  5. Wife spent $2000 on tickets to surprise me with friends & family for 40th birthday on April 10. Dodger rep says they are waiting for the word from MLB, since the games have not been cancelled but postponed. I’m in contact with an LA Times reporter (Bill Shaikin) to hopefully shed some light on the subject.

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