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Dodgers Post Season Push & The Trade Market

Outside of the Manny trade last year, the Dodgers almost seem reluctant to let go of players to make the big splash trades. However, if the Dodgers didn’t trade for Manny last year, would we have even made the playoffs? I’d say no chance, but that’s questionable. The truth is, we’re on pace to win the division and have home field advantage. However, are we on pace to advance further than last year in the playoffs? Can we contend with Phillies pitching? Can we compete with the Red Sox rotation if we meet in the World Series? I’m saying no.

Trading our five best prospects for Roy Halladay doesn’t bother me at all. I see the Dodgers best chances at a ring this year and 2010. That said, adding a pitcher like Halladay allows us to have a very solid rotation coming into the playoffs and will reward our bullpen every 5 days until then. Even though Halladay would only pitch every 5 days, he’ll be a great mentor to Kershaw and Billingsley and show the rest of the team how serious the organization is about “winning now,” which we hear McCourt mention so often.

Is Halladay worth Chad Billingsley or Clayton Kershaw, I’d have to say no. The fact that we sent out top scout (Logan White) and others to watch Halladay’s last start, and the fact Joe Torre gave high praise to Halladay shows we’re atleast looking into it.

In the end, we won’t know until July 31st 1:00 PM PST.

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