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Dodgers, Tigers Discuss Shane Greene Trade

According to Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press, the Dodgers have ‘inquired’ on Shane Greene as they continue to lead a search party for bullpen help.

The Dodgers already had reported interest in Shane Greene around last year’s trade deadline:

In 2018, Shane Greene did not pitch well, putting together a 5.12 ERA, albeit with a decent 3.94 DRA. He picked up 32 saves. 2019 has been a different story for Greene as he has posted a 1.09 ERA and 3.42 DRA through 33 innings of work. He already has 22 saves as we head into the All-Star Break.

Greene figures to step in as the top-tier setup man to Jansen that was missing in the 2018 playoffs and more importantly, the 2018 World Series.

It would also not be surprising to see the Dodgers jump in the mix for the Tigers’ ‘closer of the future’ right-hander Joe Jimenez or another right-handed bat that they have been linked to over the last calendar year in Nick Castellanos.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. Depends on what the Tigers ask for, especially if Shane Greene would be only a rental, whereby we end up with maybe a draft pick should Dodgers offer him a QO in the off season. I am not to excited about getting Castellanos, as he is a FA for sure after this year.

    1. Greene won’t be a FA intil 2021. Btw, a team cannot make a QO to a player traded for during the season.

  2. Certainly not the proven, quality guy they need right now. Green could be better than some of the arms in the current herd in the pen, but I don’t see him as being a major addition.

    “Greene figures to step in as the top-tier setup man to Jansen that was missing in the 2018 playoffs and more importantly, the 2018 World Series.”

    I don’t agree with the “top-tier” spin being put on this Greene deal. I’m still suggesting Will Smith from the Giants. The guy has 22 saves in 22 opportunities, with a club that stinks. 34.1 IP, ERA of 2.1 and only three HR’s that’s half of what Jansen has let out of the park in about the same number of innings.

    Why not take a look?

    1. Dodges should try to trade away pollock for a reliever.It was a huge mistake he keeps getting older and still breaks down,watch him play a few more weeks before he goes back to injured list.

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