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Dodgers: Tony Gonsolin’s Big Goal for This Offseason

The Dodgers probably would not have had the success that they did in 2020 without Tony Gonsolin. In fact, he was so good during the regular season that he sort of forced their hand. He was ultimately one of the biggest reasons that the team traded fan-favorite Ross Stripling to Toronto for some prospects before the deadline. 

We got to chat with Tony earlier this week about what it’s like being a World Series champion. In his mind, he wants to do everything that he can moving forward to ensure that he does not have a repeat of the 2020 postseason. 

I won’t head to Arizona until we get a confirmed Spring Training date because we gotta figure out what’s going on with all of that. The goal for this offseason is to get stronger, get healthier or as healthy as I can be, and then try to maintain whatever I’m doing good and maintain that longer in the year so we ultimately don’t have that little mishap we had this year in the playoffs. 

Gonsolin did have a fairly unfortunate postseason despite having a ridiculous regular season. He made 4 appearances for the Dodgers in the playoffs, only making it past his second inning of work on one occasion. 

In those 4 appearances, he tossed 9.1 innings and allowed 9 earned runs. Despite giving up just 2 homeruns during the regular season Gonsolin allowed one in each of his 2020 postseason appearances. Fortunately for the Dodgers, Gonsolin was extremely helpful in filling holes in their rotation during their World Series run, regardless of the results. 

So moving forward, Tony wants to make sure that he can extend that regular-season success into the playoffs. If he can maintain his 2020 regular season dominance throughout the course of an entire year, the Dodgers are going to be in a very good position moving forward. 

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Dodgers: Tony Gonsolin Hoping to Break Camp With the Team in 2021


  1. What happened in the WS, every time he appeared he was out of sorts and ineffective, I guess he was worn out from the regular season short as it was? Gonsolin needs to work on his endurance in the off season and be ready for much longer season in 2021. Hope it was just an anomaly and not a negative trend!

    1. Hard to believe it was an endurance issue, when he made his first post season start, if i remember correctly, he hadn’t pitched in a game in 17 days. More likely he was out of phase due to the long lay-off.

  2. May and Gonsolin both had a drop off in the postseason. I was hoping they would bring youthful energy and confidence to the postseason. But nothing has really changed. They are both outstanding young pitchers. As they become more confident in they will carry it into the postseason better. BTW, we have a certain future HOF pitcher who underperformed in the postseason his entire career until 2020. The best way to give confidence to May and Gonsolin, is to to give than both regular spots in the starting rotation. Stability breeds confidence. Jerking people around does the opposite.

    1. Dodger106W I agree Roberts jerked these young. I am sure they are thrilled to be on the roster.
      I am amazed fans want to trade for Bauer or another pitcher. I have been a Dodger fan since my first game as a kid in 1958 in the Coliseum. May has amazing potential as do Gonsolin, Gonzalez, and Graterol. Now that they have some experience. I am sure the Dodger training staff has them on Nutrition and Weight training. The Dodgers also have White, Santana, and Gray also in the wings.

      1. roberts pulled may and gonsolin early in the ws probably because he didn’t trust them. he did however trust jansen in game 4. twice jansen needed 1 strike to put the dodgers up 3-1 and then didn’t back up muncy’s throw that might have have got arozarena’s winning run out at home. so i don’t take any thing away from gonsolin and may’s ws performance. those pups and graterol will be more than fine. btw, i’ve been a dodger fan since the ’53 world series. i went to many a game at the coliseum watching wally moon shots over the left field screen.

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