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Dodgers Super Fan Bryan Cranston Wept Seeing LA Finally Win a World Series Again

Yes, I know this is what you’ve been wondering about over the last month-plus since the Dodgers won the World Series… how did television star Bryan Cranston react to the win? Well wonder no longer, we’ve got you covered!

Cranston joined the Rich Eisen Show this week to talk about, among other things, the World Series and LA’s titletown sweep with the Lakers and Dodgers. Like many of us, the Breaking Bad star was emotional.

My Dodgers finally getting to that pinnacle place after 32 years… I was weeping seeing it come to fruition finally. It’s been a good year for LA sports. The Lakers dominated when they needed to … but it’s just crazy… we need some socializing and some hugs.

On the note of socializing and hugs, Eisen and Cranston discussed the strange season all of us just witnessed… on TV. For the first time ever, fans were unable to root root root for the home team at home (sorry). 

LA sports fans didn’t get to see their Lakers or their Dodgers in person to win their championships. Such a weird thing.

While it takes away memories fans could have made at Dodger Stadium or Staples Center, it definitely doesn’t take away the sheen of the dual championships.

WATCH: Bryan Cranston Talks Dodgers’ & Lakers’ Titles | The Rich Eisen Show

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