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Dodgers Trade Opportunity for Noah Syndergaard: Is it Worth It?

Last week, we were able to catch up with Dodgers beat writer, Michael J Duarte, who has been on the Dodgers beat for the past 6 years, developing relationships with a lot of people in the organization.

With the Trade Deadline looming, Duarte gives us some insight on what the Dodgers are thinking:

What are your thoughts on what the Dodgers priorities should be?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Kind of hard to answer a question that we don’t know what the Mets are asking for, i think the padres will probably end up with him.

  2. Kind of hard to answer the question we don’t know what the Mets are asking for, I think the Padres will land him

  3. Go for it. Maeda sucks on the road – 2-5, 5.66 ERA. Make the moves that get us a WS title – NL champs doesn’t cut it any more.

  4. Kershaw off Jansen is off Maeda is not a starter Urias is! Need a reliever for sure! So we go get a fielder who I can both outhit and outrun and another one for 10 days while Kike is healing. Where’s our reliever and perhaps starter? Quess I don’t have the Dodgers front office mindset! Wish they had mine!

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