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Dodgers: Trea Turner Talks About His Silky Smooth Slide to Score

The Dodgers shutout the Phillies 5-0 on Tuesday night in rainy Philly. Working through a rain delay, Corey Seager got the Dodgers on the board with an oppo taco in the 5th inning to break the scoreless tie, but Trea Turner stole the show with the smoothest popup slide you’ll ever see.


After the game, Trea wasn’t all that impressed by his own slide.

Just how I slide, I guess. I try not to hit the ground too hard because it doesn’t feel good. … That’s basically how I’ve [done it] my whole life.

The Dodgers send David Price to the mound against former future Dodger Kyle Gibson at 4:05 PM PT. So tune in and enjoy watching the show that is Trea Turner.

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  1. The coolest thing about the slide was after he slid across the plate was how he popped up and then calmly walked back to the dugout. In this day and age of ‘hey look at me’ and “in your face’ that was really rare. Reminded me of the old Lombardi saying, “act like you’ve been there before.”

    1. he reminds me in a way like Chase Utley. He plays the game the right way. Thank you Nationals!

  2. Old school way. Let your play making do your talking. If you make a great play, others will let you know. No need to showboat. If fact, when I played, if someone showboated, there was a good chance he’d get knocked down, the next time he batted. Players policed themselves.

    1. he will be – Corey with Boras wants the big bucks to remain at SS. He’s as good as gone. Trea brings speed and better defense – a 5 tool player for sure

  3. Trea Turner is just sliding the right way.

    A short feet first pop up slide.

    Running to the next base is a lot faster than a long head first dive and a lot safer.

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