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Dodgers: Trea Turner Thinks This is Max Scherzer’s Most Dominant Stretch Ever

When the Dodgers traded for Max Scherzer at the trade deadline, they knew they were getting a good pitcher. What Max has done since coming over to LA, however, is nothing short of historic.

After another strong performance on Saturday against the Reds, Max Scherzer is now 7-0 with the Dodgers, lowering his ERA with the team to 0.78 across 9 starts. This is no longer a small sample size, and it’s a stretch of dominance that we haven’t seen in quite a while from a Dodgers pitcher.

After the game, Scherzer’s long-time teammate and friend Trea Turner was asked if this current stretch is as good as he’s ever seen Max pitch.

Yeah. I was there for at least parts of his Cy-Young years, and for me, this is as good as I can remember him. I think he’s been so efficient lately, which in the past he would have his games where he would throw 100 pitches in 6 innings and have to grind it out. But I feel like the last few starts he’s been so efficient and he’s still striking people out.. so probably the most dominant I’ve seen him or at least tied for it.

While the overall body of work alone is impressive, Scherzer’s last 5 starts have been nearly perfect.  Through those 5 games, he has thrown 36.2 innings without giving up an earned run(37 total going back to Aug 21). The results have definitely caught the eye of manager Dave Roberts, who also believes this is one of the best runs he’s ever seen by a starting pitcher.

You just see the dominance, I haven’t seen it in [a while]… To execute multiple pitches to multiple quadrants, it’s incredible. We’re just lucky we get to see it firsthand.

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With only two weeks left in the regular season, it’s unlikely that Scherzer will have enough time to challenge Orel Hershiser’s 59 consecutive scoreless innings streak. That doesn’t take away from the incredible lift he’s provided for this team since arriving mid-season. Max has all but wrapped up his 4th Cy-Young award this year, and he will go down as one of the greatest deadline acquisitions of all-time should the Dodgers win it all in 2021.

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  1. Max is all business. Sure glad we got him. Man!! Trea and Max both will be among our best ever trade deadline acquisitions.

  2. A master of his craft at the peak of his expression. Its been awesome to watch. Hoping he stay at this level for another 6 weeks.

  3. At least there is 1 Max on the team who has his head screwed on right. The other Max seems to have found the wrong time to have a major slump. That’s right Dave….put Muncy batting cleanup, the wrong place to put someone who is lost at the plate, and then go ahead and put Belli in right behind him. That should bring in a load of runs! But the King Max….Friedham’s greatest deal with TT as a gift….how did Andrew pull this off? Maybe he should give the NATS Bellringer as a thank you present?

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