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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Appeals to Fans Online While Wearing an LA Ballcap

File this under it’s December 20th and no real baseball news is happening, but one of the premier free agents on the open market, Trevor Bauer, took to Twitter to ask Dodgers fans for help in an online poll. 

Oh, and he’s wearing a Dodger cap.

While the poll is over — and Trevor won — this gave fans a first look at what he would actually look like sporting a Dodger hat. Not just a fan edit.

Oddly enough, however, while attempting to get Dodgers fans to vote for him as the “best baseball Twitter user of 2020,” he tore open old wounds. 

I’m here today to talk to you about 2018. Do you remember that feeling when the Red Sox beat you in the World Series? Do you remember the pain that you felt when they stole it from you? 

An interesting sales pitch indeed.

But it seems that it worked. Bauer went on to defeat Red Sox superfan Jared Carrabis in the finals of this huge waste of everyone’s time on Twitter and be crowned as the best baseball Twitter user of 2020.

Can we get some actual baseball news going again, please?

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  1. Sorry, Trevor, we do not need a pitcher with FIVE 4.16 or worse ERA’s in 9 seasons. All 5 full seasons. A 17.6 WAR over 9 seasons. Less than 2.0 per year. You had a great 60 game season. Maybe you will continue to do well. But we won a Series and have David Price coming back, and a plethora of young high ceiling pitchers. You will get a decent contract somewhere, but not in LA, please.

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