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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Breaks Silence, Responds to Unearthed Past Assault Allegations

A new wrinkle has been introduced into the Trevor Bauer saga. On Saturday, the Washington Post published new findings of a previous protection order petitioned against him during the 2020 season when he was with the Cincinnati Reds.

The estranged Dodgers pitcher is currently under investigation by Pasadena Police over sexual assault allegations and is set to fight a temporary restraining order petition by a San Diego woman.

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More from The Washington Post:

In an interview, Timothy Hess, the Cleveland lawyer who filed for the order of protection on the woman’s behalf, said she sought it because of threats Bauer sent her, including that he would disseminate a video of them having sex to a member of the woman’s family. Like the temporary restraining order obtained by Bauer’s accuser in California, the Ohio order is the result of an “ex parte” proceeding, temporarily granted by a Cuyahoga County judge without hearing from the opposing side.

The Ohio woman dismissed the protection order six weeks later, after Bauer’s attorneys threatened legal action, court records and legal correspondence show. She then drafted but never filed a civil suit against him, the records show.

In a statement to The Post, Bauer’s representatives “called the allegations of physical abuse against Bauer ‘categorically false.’” Moreover, upon the publication of this Post article, Trevor Bauer broke his months-long social media silence to release a statement on the situation with the Ohio woman. He declined to speak on the currently active situation with the San Diego woman.

The Dodgers, who reportedly “vetted” Bauer thoroughly in the eyes of president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman before signing him to a record contract, have declined to comment on The Post’s story.

Bauer has a court hearing set to start this week in Los Angeles. The hearing is to determine the validity of the temporary restraining order obtained by the San Diego woman who accused Bauer.

The pitcher has been on paid administrative leave since July 2.

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