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Dodgers: Roberts Berates Fan Who Shined a Laser Pointer Into Max Muncy’s Eyes

Friday night was full of a lot of odd moments in the Dodgers and Mets game in New York. But the strangest of all definitely came in the 9th inning when Max Muncy was batting. Down 2 strikes to Mets reliever Edwin Diaz, he suddenly stepped out of the box and motioned towards the outfield stands. 

As it turns out, the Dodgers’ first baseman was getting a bright green laser shined right into his eyes. The replay showed it flash across his face as he stepped out. Umpires took a moment to gather and get it figured out, and that was that. 

Muncy would go on to strike out swinging in the at-bat, so it was too little too late for him. But Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was not very happy at all with it when asked after the game. He tried to be nice about it though. 

Some fan was shining a laser in his eye the first 2 pitches, so he addressed it and we cleaned it up. But unfortunately, he was already in the hole versus Diaz. It’s just you know, a fan coming here trying to think they’re helping the home club. But it’s just a dirty pull. 

The replay clearly shows the laser going across Muncy’s face, and it doesn’t seem likely that a Dodgers fan would do that,. 

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New York is a tough place, and the Dodgers know they’re in for a rude welcoming whenever they come to town. But lasers? Let’s reel it in a little bit there. 

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  1. It is not only dirty but it is damn dangerous. I worked w/ laser instruments in my working career, where we wear special glasses when working w/ them. It can blind you if caught accidentally looking directly @ the beam.

  2. The only way to fix that is to give the batter an automatic walk. Otherwise there is no penalty that would encourage the home team to prevent future “incidents.” If it happens again, you forfeit the game and allow the other fans to beat the crap of the “offender.”

  3. Stadium surveillance needs to be used to find any fan who who does this. When found, they should not simply be kicked out of the stadium. They should be arrested, thrown in jail, and charged with assault.

  4. Who knows how Muncy’s vision was affected after the laser shone in his eyes. It’s probably fortunate that the pitch he struck out on was down low. Imagine getting back in the box and your vision is not clear–even if you think you can see ok.
    It was dangerous and the situation was made even worse by Mets fans derisively chanting at Muncy to essentially “stop being a crybaby” and get back in the box.
    For that reason (and others), this was about the most satisfying win from the Dodgers, I’ve seen, so far this season.
    As brutal and as needless as that 7th inning meltdown was–the comeback was a badly needed “feel good”.

  5. Got it Cleaned Up????
    Police should have been involved.
    Someone near the paying customer should have seen something, don’t you think?
    The person should have been taken into custody.

  6. Honestly, I had all but given up hope last night during and after that 7th inning “meltdown.” How we went from 4-0 to a tied game was disturbing to watch as it unfolded; but, it was absolutely a great, albeit nerve wrecking, comeback win…our Dodgers’ win was made all the sweeter because of the lazer incident. I agree with several Dodgers fans who suggest that (at least) an automatic walk should have been a consequence. Under the circumstance, Muncy should not have been made to finish his “at bat.”

  7. Unfortunately…. in New York you may be arrested but your released immediately it is becoming or almost is a ….. LAWLESS ….. CITY . Sad times the city has become , maybe the met fan , may want to get some batteries to throw as they did in Yankee stadium , end of story.

  8. Reel it in a bit? The laser could have permanently damaged Muncy’s vision.

    I find it hard to believe that the Mets security people/ushers could not have identified who did it. Between cameras everywhere and other spectators in the section willing to identify the culprit.

    The fan should be banned for life and charged with assault.

  9. Aircraft flying into La Guardia often fly over Shea stadium. This is not cool on many levels

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