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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Connects with Fan to Sign and Autograph Artwork

Trevor Bauer has been a man of the people since he came over to the Dodgers. He’s had a few really good fan interactions even though COVID-19 makes that a little difficult. He’s also been praised for his promise to donate $1,000 per strikeout this year.

Bauer did another great thing for a Dodgers fan in Oakland last night. Jonathan is an avid Dodger fan and an incredibly talented artist. He drew up this incredible piece of Bauer and wanted to share it with him in person. 

The Dodgrs pitcher reached out to him on Twitter DMs and told him to come out to the stadium to meet up. Jonathan told me the story of how they were able to make it happen out at the Coliseum. 

He told me in a DM to let him know when I got in. Then I did that and he said to me “let me get some food and then I’ll come out”. About 10 minutes before game time he showed up and i waved the posters. He asked me “which ones mine?” When I gave him the drawing and prints. And just told him the big one is the one that needs to be signed and the others are for him and the other players. So Mookie, Seager, Kersh, and Buehler all have prints too with my social media on the back. 

It wasn’t quite as easy as just walking up to the Dodgers side of the field though. Oakland security tried to keep him from getting to Bauer, but TB stepped in and asked him to make an exception for the moment. 

A security guard tried to not let it happen but Bauer said “can we make an exception because i told him to come down here.” And then the security guard backed off lol

The story took off on Twitter and Dodgrs fans have been sharing it throughout the night. Bauer later responded to him and him he wanted to put the artwork up in his studio once he got it all built out. Just another way that Trevor is making new fans in Los Angeles.

File this one under “things you love to see”. 

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