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Dodgers: Max Muncy Gets a Little Extra Satisfaction Performing Against The Team That Cut Him

Dodgers fans will be forever grateful for what the Oakland Athletics did to Max Muncy. Once a fifth-round pick out of Baylor University, the A’s cut Muncy just before the start of the 2017 season. 

The Dodgers would then swoop in and sign him to a minor league deal. From there, he would go on to hit 70 homeruns for the next two seasons and become a constant threat with a bat in his hands. All of that because Oakland could not get his swing locked in.

And even though baseball is a business, it’s understandably difficult to not take something like that personally. So when the Dodgers came into Oakland last night and Muncy picked up 3 hits, he felt a little more satisfaction than usual. 

I mean I can’t lie. It’s very satisfying to get several hits against your old team. It just felt really good but we still got two more games and we gotta focus up on what we got going on tonight.

When asked what it’s like to come back and play in the stadium where he made his debut, Max had good and bad to say. The Dodgers slugger has good memories here but also one’s of struggle. 

It’s always interesting, I don’t know if I can describe exactly how it feels. But there weren’t really a whole lot of good memories on the other side. But this is where I made my debut and that’s always going to be special to me…It’s always a mix of feelings but we’ll just go with weird. 

It’s almost like getting fired from your job just to be hired on by a much better competitor. Muncy obviously went on to become an All-Star with the Dodgers, even receiving MVP votes in 2018 and 2019. He also has a World Series under his belt and is looking to add more. 

To be fair, Muncy did struggle in Oakland. But the Dodgers found a way to unlock his potential, as they tend to with struggling players. Ad now fresh off of signing a $26 million deal last year, Muncy can look back and smile. 

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  1. Let’s be honest – Max didn’t struggle with the A’s; he stunk. He deserved to be cut and should be grateful for turning it around in LA as are Dodger fans. It should be left at that.

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