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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer on the Legitimacy of the 2020 World Series

At this point, Dodgers fans have heard it all about winning the 2020 title. Other fanbases have pointed to the shortened season and funky rules as an excuse to try and discredit the championship. Despite the fact that all teams played under the same set of circumstances, Padres fans, in particular, have been nonstop in their effort to take away all pride in a championship.

Recent Dodgers free agent signing Trevor Bauer is all too familiar with the idea of discrediting 2020 efforts. Fanbases across baseball have pointed to the short season and lack of strong opponents to trash talk Bauer’s Cy Young award. 

But after his first Spring Training start of the season, Trevor Bauer had some things to say about last season. He pointed to the rules and circumstances that all teams and players were under and that all had the same opportunity to win. 

People say the Dodgers World Series wasn’t legitimate and it’s like, everyone had the same opportunity in a given year under the same set of rules and the Dodgers were the best team last year, just like I was the best pitcher in the National League last year so, whatever.

There is a lot of truth and sound reasoning in Bauer’s defense of the title and his Cy Young. The Dodgers came into the 2020 season with the same opportunity to win a title as every other team in baseball, but they took home the Commissioner’s Trophy. They were the best team in baseball in 2020, and that’s the end of the discussion. 

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Dodgers fans are going to love to hear that from their newest signing, that’s for sure. Bauer pitched 2 innings in his first Cactus League action. He struck out 2 batters in a scoreless outing. 

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  1. Padre fans are just a miserable lot. They celebrated like they won the World Series after they won the Wild Card series and then they turn around and say the Dodgers title doesn’t count lol. Not to mention that 95% of Padre Twitter didn’t even exist before last August. Bunch of clowns who don’t know how to deal with their franchise being good for the first time in their lifetimes. I’m getting some serious 2019-2020 Clipper vibes (sorry Clipper fans) from them. Loud and brash but haven’t won a damn thing in their existence. Dodgers will put them in their place yet again this season.

  2. If you extrapolate the Dodgers winning percentage during the 2020 season to a full 162 game season, they would have won 116 games. This would have tied them with the 2001 Seattle Mariners for the most wins in the history of MLB. The Dodgers were the best in baseball by a wide margin last year, despite the Braves strong showing in the postseason.

  3. They can say what they will but the Dodgers had to win more playoff games to win a World Series title than any team in history.

  4. It’s all too true the Dodgers were the best last year. Period. It’s also true the pods played them tough in the playoffs and didn’t look to be very far behind. With their off season moves they are improved, but will these moves be enough to match ours? I don’t think so, so we’ll see who has the last laugh. I think we will.

  5. Celebrating in the streets over a wild card birth in a 60 game season and then delegitimizing an actual championship in that same season makes one look incredibly stupid

  6. The doubts of the naysayers is just silliness, plus no small amount of sour grapes. First, it’s much easier for a team to look good in just 60 games, and that includes every other team besides the Dodgers. Separating from them is harder in a shortened season than it would be over a full one. I truly believe that in a 162 games the best team (and most fortunate in terms of injuries) will likely win. In a shortened one, who knows? Yet, not only did the Dodgers win, they won comfortably. With that best record in baseball, they went through a longer playoff, with two series where two bad games might send you home, and they showed themselves best. You could argue that this was a tougher test than a full season because of the vagaries involved. They should be proud, and, having followed them since 1953, I AM proud of them. Can’t wait until April!

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