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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Releases Video Revealing His Side of Story

Following the news that Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer would not be facing criminal charges stemming from allegations of sexual assault, the 31-year-old shared a video on his YouTube channel finally addressing the report.

In the video, Bauer argues his side of the story and questions the reporting on the allegations. Further, he recounts, in detail, his version of the encounters with the woman who alleged the assault.

Video: The Truth

The Dodgers and Major League Baseball released statements on the news soon after the District Attorney cleared him of all charges. Bauer still faces potential discipline from the league and the Dodgers’ organization. That update would likely not happen until after the MLB lockout is lifted.

BREAKING: Trevor Bauer Will Not Face Criminal Charges! What’s Next For Bauer & Dodgers?

There is certainly more to come in the Trevor Bauer saga.

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  1. The MLB should not suspend Bauer for even one second. The fact that he already lost a half-season is already punishment for a crime that didn’t happen. A suspension of Bauer by the MLB will be saying they have the right to be in your bedroom and able to decide if your sexual exploits are of moral standing, which is ridiculous since near nobody doesn’t act in an sexual manner that doesn’t make someone a hypocrite if viewed their sexual propensities in their bedroom. If I was Bauer, I’d get some real good lawyers and sue MLB the moment they decide to suspend him for no crime done, less their moral bs that they likely ignore in their lives.

  2. MLB and the media already had him convicted. Bauer in the past has been outspoken against MLB and Manfred so you can probably guess how this will go. Sad to see how organizations like this just fall in line with the political climate instead of acting with compassion and understanding. I love my Dodgers and hope they will show him some grace in this no win situation.

  3. Dodgers have a big decision to make. He’s going to pitch for someone and if all he said is true, they can certainly use him. Is he an a****? Yes! So are a lot of other pro athletes these days

  4. Let she who is without sin cast the first stone. Police officials have not/will not charge Mr. Bauer. MLB has no business in the nation’s bedrooms. I believe Mr. Bauer has suffered enough. I would have no problem with him re-joining the Dodgers.

  5. Other than criminal behavior and what is explicit in a contract…no employer has the right to determine what an employee does when s/he is not working. Her/his behavior while working will determine whether the person remains employed. Should a team delve into all players personal lives? Like him or not, truth or not…no laws broken, he is a good pitcher, let him pitch!

  6. I would like to hear what the district attorney has to say.

    Did they decide not to continue with charges because they were unable to substantiate the claims of the woman? Or, in their investigation did they find those claims to be untrue?

    If what Bauer says about her not having any of the markings we saw in the photos when she left his home, did the district attorney investigate how they got there? If she arranged for a frame-up, then will he be charging her criminally? If no, why not?

    As for whether MLB or the Dodgers suspend him, the proof lies in the answers to these questions and others. The district attorney only takes on cases they believe they will win. When determining a player suspension, the bar is raised much higher than the legal standard.

    The Dodgers can sure use him if there is baseball in 2022 so I’m hoping for the best. But, so many players were among those he referred to who “convicted” him based on what they had learned from the media, I don’t know that it’s possible for him to remain as a Dodger.

  7. If what Bauer has said in this video is all true the he has, indeed, become a victim of what may be a well planned extortion attempt. He needs to ask the same DA to consider filing charges against the woman involved.
    Nevertheless, Bauer should be traded to a team without the reputation the Dodgers so proudly protect.

  8. Babe Ruth was a womanizer and an adulterer. Ty Cobb was a bigot. Yet both are in the HOF. To some Mr. Bauer’s morals may be questionable but MLB has no RIGHT or BUSINESS in his bedroom. Time to let him return to the field. GO BLUE!

    1. Bru run 50 is absolutely right
      This is the USA
      And the constitution which guarantees equal rights

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